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UPDATE: Where did the crib end up??

Do you all remember this post where I showed all of our “hot spots” in the home that gathered clutter, and I also shared about the crib that remained in our master shower because my husband just ignores that it’s in there…when he was supposed to have put it into storage months ago?  How it had been in my shower for 5 months?  Well, Tauni from  Improvement is my Goal, Blogging My Escape  asked for an update to that story, wondering whatever became of the crib?
Is it in storage, finally?
Is it still in my shower?
It is NOT in storage, yet it is NOT in my shower anymore, either….only because the construction crew had to take it OUT so that they could tear the shower apart.
So where did it end up?

There it is!  The Hubs put it in our upstairs hallway.   Soooo much better than the shower!   In fact, I think I rather like it here, you know…right where the kids can knocked into it everyday.  Perfect place for it, really.  And the bonus? Aria plucks the little springs off the metal bars from time to time so that I find them in odd places around the house.  So much fun!  I am always up for a challenging game of hide the springs!
Now, you all KNOW how much I love and adore my husband — which is why I like to poke fun at him from time to time.  He’s just so darn perfect that it’s fun to point out the few faults that he actually does have.  Procrastination?  Oh yes.  That’s a biggie for him.  That, and not finishing projects that he starts.  Of course, he’s so busy with work.  That can explain it.  But even when he’s home, he will choose to “play” instead of finish things that he’s started… like putting the crib into storage.  Which I guess I can understand.  Because we all know that playing is much more fun than any kind of work. 
But I just wonder how long this crib will sit here?  Five months? Like it’s time spent in the shower?  
So why don’t I put it into storage myself?  I know someone out there is wondering that.  Well, let me explain something:  putting things into storage is not in my job description, just like helping the kids’ with their homework  and homeschooling isn’t in his.  This is an understanding we have.  We each have our certain “things” around here, and moving furniture and such is his thing, not mine.  I don’t want to do his things anymore than he wants to do mine.  It’s just how we roll around here.  And it works, for the most part :)
Okay, any bets on how long it will stay in the hallway?  Anyone?
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