Thursday, April 26, 2012

Really? How hard is it?

Every time.  Every single time.

Freak'n lazy kids.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The one thing I don't like about having a digital camera is that I tend not to upload my photos onto my computer as frequently as I should.   Instead they collect and collect on my SD card, going weeks and sometimes months back without me ever looking at them.  And over time I forget about them.

But in a way, that can be kind of fun.  It reminds me of the days of film when I would collect at least 7 or 8 rolls of used film until I finally took them all in to be developed.  Then when I got the photos back a day or two later, it would  be a small thrill looking through them all because I was always surprised by what was on them.

Digital, for the most part, has taken all that surprise away.  Not only can you instantly see your photos right there on the camera after you've just taken them, but you can also put them onto your computer that very same day and even print them out if you want.  I kind of miss the old way of film ~ but not enough to go back.  No way!

Today reminded me a bit of the good old film days, however, because when I began to upload my digital photos that I've been taking over these past 7 weeks,  I was surprised by what I saw.  

Photos like these from this year's St. Patrick's Day.  I took these photos and never bothered to look at them, until today.

I looked through these and had to laugh.  I didn't remember the kids being so "into it" on this day, sporting their green and tipping their shiny hats at the camera.

I'm so glad that my kids can put on a quick show for the camera, giving us a glimpse of the comedians that they are.  They are quite funny, actually, each with his or her own sense of humor, keeping me laughing and entertained throughout my days.  And their facial expressions crack me up!

So my recent upload turned out to be kind of like my good old film days, in that I am looking at these photos for the first time since the day I took them.   And because I'm so behind in my blog (it's been over two weeks since I've last posted) I've decided that in this post I am going to backtrack to March and move forward to current day.

Ready? Here we go.

Sometimes we take walks after dinner, and during one walk in mid-March I captured this moment on my iPhone.
Big brother with his arm around little brother ~ unprompted.  I wonder what they were talking about?

4th weekend in March ~ I watched my heart son get on the bus for a church revival weekend.  I worried about him the moment the bus drove away and didn't stop worrying until he arrived back home on Sunday afternoon.   I just kept thinking of that big, over-sized bus on those narrow, icy roads winding up, up, up the mountain...and then back down, down, down again two days later.  We had just had a major snow storm in our local mountains that put a lot of snow up there.  Thankfully, he returned to me safe and sound, and he had a wonderful time.  As for me,  I think I added to my gray hair collection that weekend.  

Andrew had a very special night at his preschool at the end of March - Open House Night!  He was so excited to show us all that he's been doing in class.

I think Andrew had a little bit of fun showing off some of his brothers and sisters that night, too.

Rich and I taking a photo of ourselves in a booth at Chili's Restaurant during one of our lunch dates.  I can't remember when this was taken, but I'm thinking sometime at the beginning of April.  
That's not some random hand floating behind us.  I was trying to hold up a menu for the photo.

Another library day with my favorite three-year-old.  The girl loves books, and my favorite thing to do is to spy on her when she's "reading" to herself.  Her voice is so sweet, and I love how she makes up the words to fit with the pictures on the page.  She can be so creative.

It got really, really hot in the first week of April.  We did a lot of pool days, sometimes starting as early as 9:00am.  I love it at that time because we have the entire pool to ourselves!

April 8th, Easter morning.  The kids are all dressed and ready for church.  All but Tony, who had to work that day.  He and Rich woke up early Easter morning and went to the Sunrise Service at 5:00am  just so Tony could get some worship time in on this very special day.  Later, at 10:30am, Rich went to church again with us, because there was no way any of us wanted to get up that early for the Sunrise Service.  Sorry, Tonz.  I love ya, but it just wasn't happening!
And because it's important to me to get everyone in the group shot, we drove down to Tony's work after church just so he could get in the Easter Sibling Photo.   We picked a nice spot right outside the gardening section of Home Depot, because plants, trees, and flowers are always nice to have in the background of an Easter photo, right?  And you take what you have at the moment and make it work.  So the gardening section it was.  

Am I awful that I made Tony hold his Easter basket?  Yes, the kid still gets an Easter basket!  
Everyone living in my home gets one, regardless of age.

Moving on....

During the 2nd week of April I had my hair cut to my shoulders, taking about 5 inches off.  I had it colored and highlighted, too, back to my original dark brown.
Am I the only one who looks completely ridiculous while sitting in the chair at the salon?
Am I the only one who takes a photo of herself looking ridiculous sitting in the chair at the salon?

The next day I was twirling Aria around in a park, missing my long hair.    My kids were missing my long hair, too.  They've never known me with hair that didn't go way down past my shoulders.  
I did not cut my hair shorter because I wanted a change.  I hate change, and I loved my long hair!   The truth:  I did this because my hair is thinning - a lot - mainly on the right side of my head.  And no, I don't sleep on the right side of my head, so that's not the reason.  I've had blood work done to see if I have a deficiency of some sort and to have my hormone levels checked, and everything checks out fine.  I'm completely healthy.   So I don't know what's going on.  Don't you think 42 is a bit young to be losing your hair?  Is this one of those once-I-hit-my-40's-everything-went-downhill sort of thing?  I seriously don't know what to think and it freaks me out just a bit when I see hair on my pillow, in the brush, on the bathroom floor, and in the shower drain.  Makes me want to cry, actually, and seriously envy those my age with a thick head of hair.  I seem to notice everyone's hair lately.  I've become obsessed.
Me with short hair is better than me with no hair, so for that I am trying to remain thankful.

On April 14th, Aislynn's Daisy troop went to Centennial Farms for Youth Expo Day...and she completely surprised me with her bravery.  I never knew she had it in her to actually hold a snake!  I would never hold a snake!  Ewww, they just creep me out, big time. But check her out with that thing!  I was so impressed!
You go, Girl Scout!

We had two April birthdays!  Tony and Avery's birthdays are a day apart, and on some years we have a joint celebration.   This was one of those years.  But they each got their own cake!
This photo was taking during our singing of Happy Birthday. 
Can you tell which kid likes the attention and which kid would rather not be sung to? 

Mommy sport'n the short hair next to her Birthday Girl

And on April 17th I had to wave good-bye to another one as she boarded a bus for camp.  This time it was Avery going on her Fifth Grade Science Camp, which was located at the exact same camp that Alex just went to the month before.  I didn't worry so much this time because, due to our warm April weather, they had clear skies and roads on the way up the mountain.  But still, it's always hard to send a kid away to camp.  For me, at least.

And I think I'll end this post right here, on April 17th, only because this post is getting very long and it's 12:40am already and I'm getting tired.  Yes, I know it's April the 25th and I'm still not all caught up, but it's just going to have to wait until another day!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

plans on hold

This week we are on Spring Break!  Yay!
Are my floors getting done?  No!  
Because the wood that we wanted isn't available until April 26th.   
Delays.  I hate delays!  

So instead of doing our floors this week, we have pool days, park days, museum days, and zoo days scheduled.  Not my original plan, but it's going to be a good week.  

Yesterday on our walk home from the park,  we saw some rose bushes.  Aria went to pick a rose and I stopped her to show her the "ouchie" thorns, and that reminded me of what I used to do with thorns when I was a kid.  My grandmother's backyard was covered with rose bushes, and my front yard was covered with rose bushes.  So I  was always surrounded by rose bushes.  And on days when I had nothing else to do with my time, and I would wander over to those rose bushes, pick off a thorn, lick the bottom of it, and stick it on my nose.  I would then pretend to be a rhinoceros.  You have to remember that this was way back when there was no Xbox, iPhones, or laptop computers.  And only 7 channels on the black & white tv set.  Okay...we had color by then, but still.   My point is that I had to use my imagination for a lot of my entertainment.

So of course after I told the kids of my rose-bush-rhinoceros-thorn-wearing days,  the kids wanted to try it for themselves.

And I tried to take photos with my iPhone, but they were too close up and blurred.  Only these two of Andrew came out semi-decent.

My little rhinoceros!  And he kept that thing on his nose the entire walk home.  When he got home, he showed his daddy.  And daddy said, "What IS that thing on your nose!!!"   and Andrew said, "I'm a whinockerous!"

So Aria's "chore" is to feed the dogs first thing in the morning.  If she can't find their dog dishes, she just uses whatever container will hold kibble and water.

Milo is thinking....What is this, some kind of joke?

After a few sniffs, he decided to just go with it.

This photo gives an excellent view of our lovely linoleum kitchen floor. (sigh)

We've got lots of sleepovers going on this week.  Lots of late, late nights and getting out of bed at 10:00 or 11:00am.  We've been having backyard bon fires and roasting marshmallows.  It's been warm but they say rain is coming tomorrow.  Blah, on Spring Break?  Not fair.  But, we will choose the rainy day to visit the  Children's Museum.  So, despite my plans of having a brand new floor by the end of the week, we ARE having a good time!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

hardwood floors

Today is Friday.

I am so glad Friday is here.  But I will be even more glad when Friday is over.  Once Friday is officially over... we will start our Spring Break!  No school & no sports = no schedules.  And I loooove the days of no schedules!

Our spring break is not taking us on any exciting vacation.  Nope, not this year.  This year,  we (and when I say "we" I mean "me")  decided to devote the entire week to beautifying our home.  We decided (there's that "we" word again) to rip out all of our carpeting and linoleum in the downstairs.  All of it!  And install hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors!  Are "we" crazy?  With nine kids?  We have lived in this house for 10 years and have had the stock carpeting and linoleum since the day we moved in.  It is completely thrashed and old and shabby and it looks awful.  But because it's completely thrashed and old and shabby and already looks awful...the kids can't hurt it any.  The kids can't destroy it much more than it already is.  So as hideous as it looks, it's a very "safe" flooring for us to have.  

Hardwood flooring is expensive.  And the last thing I want is to live in a glass house where I'm nervous that the kids (and their friends) will ruin something so expensive simply by walking, sitting, and running on it.  Because that's what kids do.  They walk, they sit, and they run.  Sometimes they even jump, throw things, and take sharp objects and carve their initials into hardwood floors.

But we like the look of wood floors.  We have always dreamed of having wood floors.  And we are sick and tired of the ugly old stained carpet and cheap linoleum throughout the house. We are ready for a change.  

The wood that we decided on is a distressed wood - hand scraped and hand stained - that way, if the kids scrape it up (and you know they eventually will)  it will at least blend right in once we use a stain pen.  And we chose a lighter color so it won't show dust easily - because being the busy mom that I am, the floor will more than likely not get wiped down every day!

What do you think?  

What I'd like to know is this:  Do any of you have hardwood flooring with kids running around on it all day?  And two dogs?   If so, how does it hold up?  Do you love it or regret getting it?  If you were to do your floor over again, would you choose wood or tile?

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