Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Day

Winter Vacation.
I love this two-week break.  Somedays we spend it doing nothing -- all day in pajamas, watching movies, playing games. Other days we venture out.  And I don't just mean outside, but out of our area.  Like in our local mountains for a day in the SNOW!
We love the snow!
We love tossing the snow UP so that it looks like it's snowing.

We love snowflakes in our hair.

We love making snowmen.

Some of us even get attached to our snowmen and don't want to say good-bye.

Some of us love the clear blue sky and love taking photos of it.

Some love jumping in the snow...

and making snow angels

Some love sledding...

and picking up large chunks of snow.

Everyone loves snacking.

Some like sitting in the snow...

....making perfectly round snowballs

 The boys and their endless snowball fights.

 They just love slamming each other again and again...

and again.
Sometimes the girls just lay low and stay out of the way.

For some reason Rich thought he could bundle up and take a nap on one of the sleds.
AS IF they wouldn't find him.
AS IF they could somehow resist the urge to throw snow on his helpless form.

And as for me...well, me and my growing belly just sat around taking photos of all the fun.
Alex took this photo of me.  Don't I look at least 7 months pregnant?  I'm only 4.5 months pregnant!   And NO I'm not carrying twins!  I must look so big because of all the layers of warm clothing that I'm wearing.  Yeah, that must be it.  It's definitely the clothes!

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  1. Looking gorgeous! So happy for you, I've been reading for a while!! X

  2. Great pics! Congrats on your pregnancy! My Mom had her 10th baby this past March. So excited for you and your family! Babies are so precious! :)
    p.s. Love the belly pic!

  3. Beautiful photos! And I'm SO jealous that you have snow! Please send some my way...