Sunday, December 23, 2012

who's naming this baby, anyway?

Just two more days until Christmas!    
Today we will be baking and decorating Christmas cookies.  I'll have to do my best not to eat too many ~ I need to watch my weight with this pregnancy, since I was about 15-20 pounds over my normal weight to start it off.  Well,  I consider my normal weight  what I weighed in my 20's.  Maybe I should update what my "normal" weight at age 43 should be.  Or does age matter?  Maybe it's all depending on your height?  In which case, yeah I was about 15-20 pounds over my "normal weight" when I started this pregnancy.  Hmmmm.

This past week was a busy one for school.  Everyone had something going on in their classroom.  On Wednesday I volunteered in A.J.'s classroom to help with a gingerbread sewing project.  

Andrew had his Kindergarten Holiday show....

at the exact same time that Aria had her Preschool Holiday show.

So I had to watch the beginning of Aria's show...and then race over to the elementary school to catch the last few songs of Andrew's show.  I hated to miss ANY of either's show, but what's a mom-of-many to do?  I had to split my time.  I could NOT miss someone's show!  I'd never be able to live with that.  So it was better to see a little bit of each show than to miss one show completely.

We did a Santa picture this past week.  Only Aislynn, Andrew and Aria were into the mall Santa this year.  The rest... have out grown him.  :::sniff, sniff::::
And we have a new addition to the family!  
Introducing....Mr. Bun-Buns!  

We still need to build an outside hutch for him, but in the meantime he has a cage in our house.  We let him out and he runs around the house.  He is litter trained and runs back into his cage when he has to "go" ---  He's been so much fun and the kids LOVE him!  As soon as the larger hutch is built we will be getting a little friend for him (another bunny).  He needs to have a buddy to snuggle with when he's living outside.

As for me, I'm feeling good.  My belly is growing!   I'm almost 18 weeks now.  We are all SO excited for this little boy to arrive.  We've waited so long for our #10.  I feel so blessed, especially during this Christmas season, which always feels so magical, anyway...but it feels extra magical when you are growing a baby :)  

The kids seem to have already named our little guy Aiden.  It's funny because I keep telling them, "Don't call him that. He hasn't been named yet.  That's OUR job, not yours!"  but that goes in one ear and out the other.  They continue to call him Aiden.  I think this is a bit endearing, actually.  If we end up naming him this, we can always tell him that he was named by his older brothers and sisters!

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  1. Sounds like it is going to be Aiden.

    Merry CHristmas!

    Btw Aislynn is your clone!

  2. Great pics! I had a rabbit for 10 years. He's a beauty!

  3. I love the name Aiden! Go with it. What a fun story to be able to tell. :)