Sunday, July 8, 2012

the graduate

 She graduated!!!
I am so proud of her!

As she walked across that stage, all I could think about was all that she had been through to get to this day. 

She had to learn to walk and talk again to get to this day.
She had to learn to write with her left hand to get to this day.
She had to endure years of physical therapy to get to this day.  
She tripped and fell many, many times to get to this day.
She had years of vision therapy so that she could see well enough to get to this day.  

There's just so much that went into getting her to this day, and I can't possibly name everything. 

I'm so proud of her!  

She might not have had all A's and B's on her report cards, but she always passed her classes.  She set her mind to passing the High School Exit Exam, and it took her a few tries to pass it, but she passed it!

I am so proud of her!

Here she is walking up the ramp to get her diploma.
She was so worried that she would trip and fall up on stage, you know, because of her limp.  But I wasn't worried about that.  I knew God wouldn't allow that to happen on this special day.  And I was right!  She walked up onto that stage and looked beautifully graceful while doing it.

And here she is accepting her high school diploma!

Older brother and younger sister are proud of her!

In the car on the ride home, messy cap hair, but so happy it's over!  Time to celebrate!

Back home we have decorations, and the cake that I made her.
Audriana and her best friend, looking pretty sharp in their cap and gown!

Now that her primary school days are behind her, I don't quite know how to feel.  Of course I'm proud of her accomplishment, but I'm also sad that her childhood is over.   Due to the car accident and her brain injury, it certainly wasn't the childhood that I had planned for her.  It went a totally different direction, and sometimes I just want to request a DO OVER so that she can have the childhood she deserves instead of one filled with so many struggles and years and years of therapy.  

But, we cannot go back.  Only forward.

She says she wants to work with children with disabilities, that she wants to be a special education teacher or perhaps a special education aide that works in the classroom.  To accomplish this goal she must continue her education in college.  Of course her ambitions make me proud of her, but they also concern me. Due to her various learning disabilities, college will be a huge challenge for her.  She knows this and plans to take only a couple classes per semester so that she won't get overwhelmed.   It might take her a bit longer to get her degree, but just like passing that High School Exit Exam, if she puts her mind to it, she will do it!

I'm so proud of her!   I just can't seem to say that enough :)


  1. Congratulations to your daughter Audriana! I can only imagine how proud of her you and your family must be :)

  2. Congratulations to her, and to you! I know you all put a lot of effort into this. I didn't have MS when I started as an SLP, but it has certainly helped me understand my students better. She will be that much ahead of me when I started.

  3. Congratulations to your daughter!!! For every thing she had to go through to get to this day, she truly deserves it. :D

  4. This post is so truely wonderful!!!! I feel like I just don't have any adequate words to describe how immensely happy I feel for her and for you all!!!

  5. Congratulations to you ALL! She is just beautiful and her smile is dazzling!! You are so much to be proud of! I am confident that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. What an inspiration!

  6. Amazing, and she would make a wonderful Special education teacher. The field needs her!!! Have you thought about online college courses? Such a wonderful achievement.

  7. Although it is her accomplishment I suspect there was some pretty good parenting involved so you should be proud!

    I also suspect there are many more proud moments to come.

  8. Congrats to your beautiful graduate! She will be an awesome teacher.

  9. Happy tears filling my eyes Trina!

    I am so very proud of Audriana! Those pictures are absolutely beautiful! She has overcome so much and like you said, will continue to every step of the way.

    You are a fighter,

    And so is she!

    I am SO PROUD of you BOTH!!

    I can't even describe what I feel when I look at these pictures, and read the words you wrote!

    You both have come SO FAR!

    My love to you...


    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. Katrina,

    She is just gorgeous. She is definitely a fighter and a winner.....just like her Mamma. I don't think I have seen photos of her up close. She really is very, very pretty. She doesn't know me, but tell her "Good job! and Congratulations!"

  11. Congrats to your daughter- you know I can relate to what she has gone through- our kids are truly amazing! I know she will continue to make you proud. She sounds like a wonderful young lady and I wish her continued success in all she does!

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  13. Congratulations to her!!! What a wonderful accomplishment.

  14. I am a special education teacher and love it. I think it is awesome that your daughter is going on to college. Congratulations to her!!

  15. I think it is awesome that she plans to go on to college. You have every reason to be proud of her. Congratulations!!

  16. Congrats to Audriana! You both have a lot to be proud of!! :)

  17. Congrats to you & her. She sounds amazing!
    M NYC

  18. What a huge accomplishment! Her struggles make her success even more meaningful. I love that she wants to help others with special needs! With such a supportive family, I know she will be able to achieve her college and career goals. Congratulations, Audriana!