Monday, June 4, 2012

in the month of June

June already!
I really dislike the month of June.  With all the end-of-the-year activities and parties and all that, it just makes for a very busy and hectic month.  Here is a little of what we've got going on this month:

5th grade graduation "Beach Day" (Avery)
End of the Year Violin Concert (Alex)
End of the Year Choir Performance (Avery)
End of the Year High School Choir Performance (Audriana)
2012 Junior/Senior Prom (Afton & Audriana)  
End of the Year Choir Awards Ceremony (Audriana)
Daisy Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony (Aislynn, bridging up to Brownies)
Girl Scout Junior Bridging Ceremony (Avery, bridging up to Cadettes)
IMAX/Science Center Field Trip (A.J. and Aislynn, homeschooling end of the year field trip)
5th grade End of the Year Picnic (Avery)
End of the Year Daisy Tea (Aislynn)
5th grade End of the Year Luau (Avery)
5th grade Morning of Memories Assembly (Avery)
High School Graduation Ceremony (Audriana) and party to follow.

Can you see why June is my least favorite month of the year?  There's too much going on!  And I have to be at all of these activities, and some of them overlap.  It's just so busy, and I can't wait until summer.  July can't come quick enough!

Speaking of July, I bought Aria her Fourth of July outfit last week and she insists on wearing it now.

And how cute are these boots?

She loves her new boots and wears them with everything no matter if they match or not.

Okay, so I've discovered "juicing".   Yep, I'm going for it.  Just drinking all my fruits & veggies from now on. 

 spinach, carrots, peaches, apricots, red bell pepper

 ends up looking like this, but I swear it tastes great!

I wake up and juice for breakfast, and I juice again for lunch. Then I eat dinner with the family.   I drink lots and lots water in between all of that,  and hopefully this will cleanse my system and allow me to lose some weight.  Because yeah I want to be healthy and all that, but really I just want to lose some weight.  Hey, if I could lose weight sitting around eating donuts all day long, believe me I would ...  but that's just not how it works.  Bummer.

I will say that since I started this juicing kick I have a ton of energy.  I'm not even making this up.  I really do!  I need to read up to see why that is.  Is it the spinach?  Because I hate spinach so I never eat it.  But when I juice it and mix it with the fruit, I don't even notice the taste, so I've been getting a lot of spinach in my system.  That, and kale.  Kale is supposed to be a healthy green, so I've been juicing that as well.  So I don't know if spinach and kale is supposed to give you energy or what, but I'm feeling it!  That's a perk, right?

Does anyone else juice?  If so, share some recipes with me.  I need more variety.  Here's a link to my Pinterest board with some of my favorite juicing recipes, and some smoothies, too:
Feeling Juicy!

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Well, you should be!  I have a lot of cool stuffed pinned on there.
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I love to see my kids sleeping next to each other.  Here my 12 year old fell asleep curled up into my three year old.  How precious is this photo?

This same twelve year old is running for Student Body Vice President for the next school year.  The election is at the end of this school year (yet another June-thing we've got going on)

I was busy last night making posters for him to hang up at the school today.  Is it bad that I did his posters?  I just couldn't help it!  This kind of stuff is fun for me.

Our last name rhymes with roll, man and is printed right under his name on the poster (just not in this photo). My sister came up with this slogan to rhyme with his name.  I thought the photo of Snoopy would go along well with the theme of the poster.  Alex took one look at it and made a face that told me he didn't understand why that dog was on his poster.  I told him Snoopy was "cool"  and it went with the wording.

In the carpool on the way to school....

ALEX:  Yea, I guess that photo of Snoop Dog does look pretty good on this poster.
ME:  Alex!  It's not Snoop Dog!  It's Snoopy!
ALEX:  So? Snoop Dog, Snoopy... same thing.
ME:  No, it's NOT the same thing.  Snoop Dog is a gangster rapper.  Snoopy is a cute cartoon dog.  Big difference!
------- silence for three seconds -------
ALEX:  So who is Snoopy, anyway?

Sigh.  I feel old.  

I think he would have liked the poster better had I put a picture of Snoop Dog on it.


  1. I can relate to the busy June.
    Not to push TV, but he's never seen a Charlie Brown holiday special?! I still love those, and so do my kiddos. Best wishes in his upcoming election!

  2. AH! I'm dying over the Snoop Dog conversation! Hilarious!

    Do you have a juicer? My mom juices and we did while we were there and I loved it. I just don't know if I'm ready to drop the funds for a juicer.