Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Ref

These past few weekends my 12 year old has been the referee for my 7 year old's soccer games. A few months ago, he took a couple classes and passed a certification test -- then the association gave him that uniform and a whistle and now call him a "Ref".  I'm still trying to get used to seeing him out there.
 Here he is with Aislynn during a game

I give him credit.  Being a referee is something that I'd never sign up to do.  I'm a people pleaser and don't like when people aren't pleased with me, and you know half of the calls you make out there will make half of the crowd not pleased with you.  My personality couldn't take it.  And Alex is a lot like me, so at first I worried about him.  
I stood guard at every game, just waiting for some parent to make a derogatory remark about the calls he makes....just waiting for some loud mouth to shout, "Aw, come on, Ref!  What was THAT call about?  Are you watching the same game as we are?  Come on!!!"   Because boy, if I heard that, I would march right up to that parent and say, "Dude, really?  He's a 12 year old kid doing his best.  I don't see your butt out there calling the game.  Do you volunteer your Saturdays to referee youth soccer games?  No? I didn't think so.  This isn't World Cup, Buddy, so just sit down and keep quiet."  (and I say "Dude" and "Buddy" because it's always the dads, isn't it? Always those competitive dads!)

So far I haven't had to throw my Mama Bear weight around that soccer field because Alex seems to be able to hold his own out there.  For the most part the calls he makes are right on, and when he does make a mistake I have not heard anyone make a negative comment.  Of course, I cannot be everywhere along the sidelines, so perhaps I miss a few comments here and there?   It's possible.  Maybe I should send out spies?  I have enough kids pull that off.  I'll send two on the opposite sideline and then plant two on our sideline, and they can all signal to me if someone says anything mean about my Alex.  

Because no one messes with any of my kids.  Grrrrrr!

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  1. Armed and ready to fire, but noone to shoot at. Come on admit it, secretly you are just dying to lay into some jerk aren't you?

    I would be the same.

    When it happens, give your son a chance to handle it first, I bet he will suprise you. I have seen 12 yo's march over to the sidelines or stands to warn a parent to stop or else!

    Still keep your guns loaded Momma Bear, just in case.


  2. So loved this! I would be the same way - just waiting for someone to say something to my kid! Ha! Sounds like he would be just fine, though. You must be so proud of him!

  3. I don't always get to comment (specially now), but boy do I love your post (love the SF one so very much).
    Thank you for showing me we can be Mom's and have a rewarding life. I look forward to many more

  4. That's great he does that. My personality couldn't handle it either