Thursday, March 22, 2012

funny guy

I know...where have I been, right?  I'm totally slacking on the blog.  Sorry about that, but I've been swamped.  Just too many things going on lately.

The kids and I have been laughing at this guy all day.  He's my new favorite.  He lip syncs the words to the Saturday Night Live's skit  "Surprise Party"  and acts out his character, "Sue", perfectly.   Can you watch this and not laugh?  Challenge yourself.  I haven't been able to do it.  

Below is the original skit from Saturday Night Live.  
It's kind of fun to play both at the exact same time so that the dialogue is in sync.
But watch the guy's version first! 
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  1. oh my gosh i remember seeing this SNL skit, that's hilarious! i love that guy. he's super cute too. did you see the one where he's on the phone with his mom! i laughed harder on that one. hahaha!