Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the homeschool closet

While she is doing this...

and he is doing this...

They are doing this!

Which looks more fun to you?  Math, Social Studies, or building a town out of blocks?  I know which one I would rather do!

My biggest challenge with homeschooling is finding ways to keep the younger two occupied during my instruction time with the older two.  Andrew and Aria typically play with something for about 10 to 15 minutes before they get bored with it.  And when they get bored with it, guess where they come?  That's right.  They come to me.  And they demand my attention, which takes away from my teaching time with A.J. and Aislynn.  And when my attention switches over to Andrew and Aria,  well then A.J. and Aislynn start to goof off, they stop doing their work, and then I end up getting mad at all four of them.

It's not a good way to go.

So I've put together something really cool.  We call it our "Homeschooling Closet".  This is where we store all the FUN stuff that can only be used during our homeschooling hours, and Andrew and Aria have a lot to pick from that will keep them busy.  I keep all the things they play with on the lower shelves so that they won't need me to get it for them, and they can change activities whenever they want.

Almost every box is labeled.  Up at the very top is where I store curriculum that we are not using at this time, and on the door is where I store all the kids' piano books.  This closet is always a work-in-progress, but I almost have it the way I want it.   Just one more shelf at the bottom and I think I'll be completely happy with it.

I love these containers.  They are actually shoe, boot, and sweater boxes that I got at The Container Store. I like them because they come in different sizes, they stack nicely, and they aren't too expensive.

We call this closet "The Homeschooling Closet" because the rule is that they can only play with the things in it during our homeschooling hours.  *For the most part we stick to this rule, but there have been days when I've made exceptions!  

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  1. Wow!! That's so organized!! I love the idea of it too! :) How's it working?

  2. I'm so in love with your organizational genius! You are incredible! Thank you so much for stopping by Where is the ME in Mommy? today and sharing your story with me!

  3. I love that! In 18 years of homeschooling our 8 kiddos I've never had a great closet like that with all of those fun supplies. I don't have a space that large, but maybe it's not too late to do something similar in our bookshelf. Great idea! Even though my baby is almost 8, he still needs things to keep him occupied while the older ones have more time-consuming schoolwork and other things to do. He is the only one who has ever been 'bored,' because he doesn't have siblings on either side to keep him busy.

    Just found your blog in searching for a certain homeschooling image. Fun to discover another blogging, homeschooling mom of many. :-)