Monday, October 31, 2011

Not Me, Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

We did not discover lice in one of our children's hair last week!   And we did not decide to treat our entire family just to be safe.  And while we were not doing that we did not find lice in all the other children's heads, too.   No, of course not!   

That's nine heads that I did not have to treat.  Nine heads that I did not have to pick through, hour after hour.  Because that would take just way too long.  And I do not have to do this again and again, until we are completely 100% lice free.   I have nothing else to do with my time, of course, so I won't be doing this.  No, not me!

And my children did not hate me because I wouldn't go the easier pesticide shampoo route, but instead chose the organic method of suffocation by olive oil which, although a much safer remedy, is a 21-day ordeal of treatments every 4 days. 

So I did not saturate my children's hair in olive oil and then wrap their heads in plastic wrap and make them sleep in it for 8 hours, then wake them up early in the morning to start the long process of nit-picking.  No, not me!  Because that wouldn't be very fun. 

Are we having fun yet?

And of course I am not such a die-hard, devoted blogger that I took pictures of their misery and posted them up on my blog.  No, not me! Never!

Oh, my sweet baby.  Not happy.

Let's see.  What other things did I not do this week?   

I did not trust my 12 year old when he told me his soccer game was at 5:05pm on Sunday when in the back of my mind thought I remembered it being at 8:00am.   We did not completely miss that game because of this.  Rich did not give me a hard time for trusting a 12 year old instead of checking my calendar.  And I did not tell him that perhaps he would do a better job with our schedule from now on, and that I would gladly pass the torch.  And he did not then quickly tell me that "Mistakes happen, Honey, I  know you do your best."

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wadda Ya Wanna Know?

  • Renee said...Ooh - I love when you can ask questions. Here's mine: What are your chore and allowance systems? And do you link the two?  October 16, 2011 9:46 AM 

With a family this size, we simply do not have it in our budget to have the kids on our payroll. Nope, we just can't do it. So there are NO allowances! But to be truthful, even if it were in our budget, I still don't think we'd have an allowance system. As awful as that sounds, I'm just going to put it out there and tell you that Rich and I don't think our kids should be paid to keep their house in good order. They live here. They eat, sleep, make trash, dirty the bathroom, spit in the sinks, walk on the carpet, play in the yard... I could go on and on, but you get the idea. It's their house as much as ours, so they should help clean it, too,  without expecting to be paid.  

That being said, we DO pay them for "extras" -- like for instance, if someone wants to earn money I will set them to work organizing the pantry. Whoa, that can be a job! Or they can organize the pots & pans and the tupperware. Or they can clean out, spray and wipe down the shelves and drawers in the refrigerator. Those are jobs that don't get done every day, and can be quite tedious. Or they can clean up someone else's room (Aria! She always has such a mess in her little room!) or clean our master bathroom, and make our bed.  Sure, I'll pay them to clean our bedroom!  Our room is always the last to look good because I tend to clean the rest of the house first!     A lot of the time  I will pay an older sibling to entertain the two youngest ones so that I can get some things done in the house, or even so that I can have some time to myself.  We pay Audriana and Afton to babysit for us. Many times they do this for free, like if I have to run an errand or something.  But if Rich and I want to go somewhere without kids for a few hours, then we will pay the older girls for their time. Tony will babysit, too, every now and then.  But because he's an almost-twenty-one adult living in the home for free, he doesn't feel it's right to take money for it.  He's happy to contribute in any way that he can.  Smart boy!

As far as chores go, everyone is assigned something to do each day. But it's not written in stone. There are days when, for example, whoever is supposed to take out all the household trash (Alex) is not home for whatever reason. Then what? Well, the trash still needs to be taken out, so I just tell another kid to do his chore for him. I get groans and the typical, "Why do I have to do it?" and my answer is usually, "Because you are here and he is not. Please just do it." And while that sounds terribly unfair of me,  just know this: they keep track! The next day, the kid who did Alex's chore will say, "Hey Alex.  Since I did your chore yesterday, you should do mine today."  and Alex will. That's just the unwritten rule around here.

As far as who does what chores....
  • I do the laundry, but all kids help to put it away.   
  • If Tony (20) is home with us during a meal time, then he will clean up the kitchen in detail while the other kids help clear the table. He also is in charge of washing the kitchen floor each night.  
  • Audriana (18) takes out the recycle each day, walks & feeds the dog.  
  • Afton (16) is in charge of emptying the dishwasher. 
  • Alex (12) picks up after the dog, empties the various trashcans throughout the house.  
  • Avery (10) cleans the upstairs bathroom. 
  • A.J. (8)  is in charge of the garage - organizing it, sweeping the floor daily.  
  • Aislynn  (6) is in charge of putting away all the shoes that gather in the front entryway.  
  • Andrew and Aria do not have assigned chores.  I'm still working on those two. They aren't the best helpers right now.  Being the two youngest, they are used to having their older siblings do the work.  I'm working on changing that mentality of theirs!  
  • The vacuuming is something that we all do from time to time.  One day it will be me, another day it's Rich, then another day it's some random kid who happens to walk by when it needs to be done.  The kids call that being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  
  • Let's see, what else....oh yes.  Tony mows our lawns, and both he and Rich wash our cars. When Tony washes the cars, he will usually ask either A.J. or Alex to come out and help him.  
As I look at this breakdown of the chores, I can see I need to make some changes. For one thing, the kids don't really have all that much to do.  Sometimes I wish we lived on a farm so they would really learn the value of hard work! And another thing -- Afton is getting off easy! She's sixteen and all she has is the dishwasher? Man, how have I let her slip by like that?  And I just have to find something for Andrew to do everyday.  He's five.  It's time!

One thing about having a large family:  We might make a huge mess in fifteen minutes, but we can clean up a mess in less than five minutes when we all "take a room" - it's very true that "many hands make light work!"

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Friday, October 28, 2011

moms have feeling, too!

The other day I ripped up a bunch of my old white sheets into long strips and made ten-year-old Avery into a "mummy" for her Girl Scout "Trunk or Treat" event (her troop had a mummy theme) This was done in the last twenty minutes before we had to leave, and despite the rush, I thought the make-shift costume came out quite cute!  Since she is going to be Alice in Wonderland on Halloween,  I knew this mummy costume wouldn't be worn by her again this year.  So I got an idea.

ME:  Avery, make sure you save all those strips of cloth.  I might want to be a mummy on Halloween! 
AVERY:  Mom, no.  It won't fit you.
ME:  Won't fit me?  It's a bunch of cloth strips!  How can it not fit me?
AVERY:  Mom, you know.  

What I know is that you think I'm too big to wrap a bunch of cloth strips around me.  Thanks a lot, Sweetie.  Way to be supportive.

What is it about daughters?  Well, at least my daughters. They have no filters when it comes to talking to me.  They just say it as they see it without thinking of how it might sound or make me feel.  It's like they think I am immune to insults.

My sons...they'd never say that to me.  If I said I wanted to wear one of their costumes for Halloween, they would think HOW COOL is THAT?  My mom wants to be a Ninja for Halloween! They would never in a million years tell me that I'm too big to wear it. They might know this in their heads, but they would automatically be thinking of ways that they could modify it somehow to make it work.  But my girls will shut me down right away.  Oh, Mom...don't be ridiculous.  This won't fit YOU.

Another example...

The other day sixteen-year-old Afton was running late and said she wanted to miss her first period class to have more time to get ready.  

ME:  Afton, you still have a lot of time to get ready.  You have a half hour.
AFTON:  To shower, dry my hair and get ready?  Mom, I don't think so.
ME:  It only takes me twenty minutes to do all that.  You can do it.
AFTON:  That's because you're old.   It doesn't take you long because you don't care what you look like.
ME:  What?!!  I do so care what I look like!
AFTON:  Mom, it's not the same.

Seriously, was that comment necessary?  What did I ever do to her?!!  

Girls....lovely daughters of mine...if you are reading your dear mother's blog, let me just tell you this:  I have feelings, too!  Quit insulting me!  Remember, I am the one who buys your clothes and gives you the car keys.  The old saying, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" applies here.  Use your filters! I know you must have them, or else you wouldn't have so many friends.  You might think these insulting things, sure.  But you don't say them!  Almost every woman knows this.  Learn this valuable social skill, and practice it here in the home!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

no editing necessary

This is a picture I took last night as the sun was setting.  The sky was very cloudy and dark (it had rained just an hour or so before I took the picture)  and you can see where it's shadowed over from the sun setting (towards the bottom of the photo)  and the last bit of sunlight was hitting the hills.  Our house is  just behind those hills.  

Once at home, I uploaded this photo and was going to see what I could do with it in editing, but I decided to leave it alone.  The colors are amazing just the way they are!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wadda Ya Wanna Know?

  • Margaret said...Here's my 'wadda ya wanna know' question.  How did you pick each of your kids names? Just names you liked, or were they named after someone? Was the A theme a coincidence and you just kept it going, or was it something you knew you would do since baby #1?  October 21, 2011 11:11 PM  
Our first is named Anthony (aka "Tony"), and I love, love, love that name!  But I can't take the credit for naming him that.  For those of you who don't know, Anthony is actually my stepson.  So I did not name him!  I married Rich when Tony was 17 months old.   I really, really love the name Anthony.  I have always loved that name.  But because Rich always called him "Tony", that was the name I called him, too.  And we just got used to that name and rarely, if ever, do we call him Anthony.  The only time I say his name as "Anthony" is when I am introducing him to someone.  I like for him to be an "A" name just like the rest of them.  So I sign his name "Anthony" on the family Christmas cards and anything else where I put all of our names, and I introduce him by the name "Anthony"  but I always call him "Tony" face to face - we all do.

Mommy and Tony, July 1994

When I was expecting Audriana, there were a few names we were considering for a girl.  The first name I liked was Audrey.  I really wanted an Audrey!  But Rich vetoed that name right away, claiming that it sounded "old".  He just wouldn't have it.  Instead, he suggested "Adrienne".  I rejected that name.  I grew up with a boy named Adrian, and I just couldn't name a girl that after knowing him!  So Rich suggested "Adreeana" and I said, "No, it sounds too much like Adrienne."   So then I said, "How about Audriana?"  and he liked that, so that was one of our names on the list.  I thought to myself that the name "Audrey" is in there, so I could always call her that for short.  But I never did!  I only call her Audriana.  Rich also liked the name Nikki, and I also liked Kourtney and Brittany.  But none of those felt quite right.  In my heart I kept going back to the name Audriana for a few reasons:  1) "Audrey" was a family name, and it was sentimental to me to name her that.  2)  "Audriana" was the name of a baby from my favorite soap opera at the time "Santa Barbara" - who some of you will remember as Cruz and Eden's baby girl, if you were fans,  and 3) It was an "A" name, and I thought it would go great with the name Anthony.  So, when she was born, we both knew she was an Audriana.  
 Audriana, age 5 months

When Afton came along, I just knew I was going to name her Afton.  I didn't even consider another name for her.  When I was younger, I babysat for a little girl named Afton.  She was the cutest and the sweetest little thing.  I remember when I met her for the first time and her mom introduced her to me, I said to the mom, "How do you spell her name?"  and she said, "A-F-T-O-N"  and I asked, "Where did you get her name?"  and she said, "From a baby book."  and I knew right at that moment that I would name one of my future daughters Afton.  I was just about seventeen at the time, but I knew!
Afton, age four

So the first three kids were just coincidentally "A" names, not really planned at all, and then we just chose to keep the theme going, not knowing who would be our last baby.  We didn't want A after A after A after A ... and then...Ben.  It just wouldn't be right!

Alex - When we were expecting Alex, I actually suggested to Rich that we get off the "A" theme, because who knew how many kids we would have, and it would get harder and harder to come up with so many "A" names.  Besides, I really had it set in my head that the little baby boy inside of me was a "Robert" and I even got Rich to agree to that name... right up until a couple weeks before the due date, when he suddenly said to me, "You know, I'm not so sure about the name Robert.  I kinda want to name him Alex!"

ME:  Whaaaa?  Are you kidding me?  I've been calling him "Robbie" for months now!
HIM:  I know, but I just really, really want an Alex!
ME:  But I don't like "Alexander" !
HIM:  I didn't say "Alexander" - I said, "Alex".
ME:  We can't name him just "Alex" !
HIM:  Why not?
ME:  It's not the full name!
HIM:  If we name him "Alex"  then THAT will be his FULL name!

So...being that he seemed to have his heart set on the name, I let him have his "Alex" and honestly, Alex looks nothing like "Robbie" or "Robert" - I don't know what I was thinking!
Alex, 22 months old

Avery -  I named Avery at a time when the only other "Avery" I knew of was the boy in the story "Charlotte's Web" - I had always thought of it as a boy's name.  So I thought, how cool would it be to name a girl that!  I thought I'd be one of the only ones!  Then, the day I had her, the doctor asked me, "So what's her name?"  and I proudly said, "Avery!"  and he said, "Oh! That's what the lady in the next room just named her baby!"    After that, there were girl Avery's everywhere!  Or so it seemed.  But I still love the name!
Avery, 11 months old

A.J. - is actually Adam John, but he was "A.J." long before we came up with the names to go with the initials.  When I was pregnant with him, I saw the movie Armageddon for the first time and I absolutely fell in love with Ben Affleck's character "A.J. Frost"  He was sweet, funny, sentimental, brave, and very handsome to boot - and after the movie was over, I rubbed my big belly and said to Rich, "If this is a little boy, can we name him A.J. ?"  and he looked at me and said,  "I don't's not a Ben Affleck-thing, is it?"  and I told him, "Noooo, not all all.  I just love the character from this movie!"    And that is how A.J. got his name.  What's strange is that his personality is A LOT like the character in that movie!  I swear it is!
A.J. making a cake ice cream cone

Aislynn - I saw that name in a baby book, originally spelled "Aislin" so I just changed the spelling.  We pronounce it "ACE - lin"  -- sounds like, but not to be confused with, FaceLift.

Aislynn on the 4th of July

Andrew - we never call him Andy, just Andrew.  We named him this name because it is a nice, strong name.   With the girls I can get more creative with their names, more unique and unusual, but not with the boys.  I like the traditional, strong-sounding names for my boys.
Andrew, last Halloween 

Aria - I named her this because my friend Joan's youngest daughter is named Aria, and I had never heard the name before, and I thought it was pretty :)  

Aria, deep in thought about something

If ever we are blessed with another baby, the names we have in mind are:

BOY -  Aiden, Aaron
GIRL - Ashely, Ayla

If anyone has any other "A" name ideas, I'm always up for suggestions!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

at the patch

Last year we missed it.  Last year I somehow forgot, or life was too busy, or I kept putting it off.... and we missed it.  And it made me feel awful.  So this year I made sure we took time out of our busy week, and we went!

The Pumpkin Patch

The thing about going to the Pumpkin Patch is this:  if you bring more than two kids along, it can get pretty expensive.  Everything costs a "ticket" or two, or four - face painting, the games, pony rides, train rides, hay rides, bounce houses.  I mean, it could really add up!  So we always have rules: we ride the train or the hay ride, not both.   We do not pay to go into bounce houses (we get enough of those at birthday parties)  and we skip the face painting.  If the kids know all this going into it, then they are pretty good about it.   And we always manage to have fun, despite our budget.

My Little Monsters

There were pumpkins everywhere at this place; in every corner, under every tree.   Oh yes, and we have another rule that we always adhere to:  we don't buy any pumpkins while at the pumpkin patch!   I know, I know... sounds like we just completely ruin the fun, doesn't it?  Well again, if the kids know that going into it, they are fine with it.  The thing is, they always mark up the prices so much at these pumpkin patches, and we can get the same size pumpkin at our local grocery store for much, much less.  Again: budget.  A large family simply has to have one.

My goal when visiting the Pumpkin Patch?
Taking some great photos, of course!

So Halloween is next Monday.  That means my kids are all about one thing right now:  costumes.  What are they going to be?  It's the big talk around here right now.  We've got plans for Princesses, Boxers, Ninja fighters... but no one has made a decision yet.  Well, except Avery.  Avery is going to be Alice in Wonderland.   But so far that's the only decision that has been made.  

We have boxes of costumes for the kids to choose from, but sometimes I have to go buy a new one for someone who wants to be something that we don't have.  Such was the case with the Alice in Wonderland.  And see, next Halloween, someone will be Alice in Wonderland.   Either Avery (again) or Aislynn.  It's all about recycling around here!

When I was little, my mom always made our Halloween costumes.  She would spend hours sewing them, and they always turned out so nice!  I never had a store-bought costume growing up.  Not once. My mom turned her nose up at the store-bought stuff, so we knew better than to ask for one.   So it makes me feel a little like a loser mom that I buy my kids costumes instead of hand-sewing them, but hey... my time is limited.  And not only that, but I also don't know how to sew.  

Littlest sister's first visit to the Pumpkin Patch!

Halloween is always such a thrill in our family.  Getting all dressed up, walking around the neighborhood, going door to door with the little ones, collecting all the candy and seeing how excited they get when  new candy is dropped into their bags - it's something that we look forward to each year.  It's been twenty years of Trick or Treating with our kids.  Twenty years!  So hard to believe so much time has passed since we took Tony around the neighborhood for the first time!  Okay, I'm gonna say it:  Where does the time go?

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today is was SO busy...

Today it was SO busy...

that I forgot to eat breakfast, had no time for lunch, and ate some Halloween candy at 2:45 because I was feeling light-headed.  The sugar rush from the candy got me to dinner - Pizza Hut at 7:30pm.

Today it was SO busy...

that I barely had time to pee. Seriously.  Every time we stepped into the house it was just a quick-change, grab another kid,  and then off to our next appointment.  I kept walking past the bathroom, intending to use it, but then something or someone would distract me from actually getting in there, and before I knew it I was back in the car and only after I started down the road did I remember, "Ugh! I forgot to pee again!"   Thank goodness I have a bladder the size of a beach ball!

Today it was SO busy...

that I couldn't trust the day's schedule to be just inside my head.  I actually had a cheat-sheet with me at all times today, as back-up.  I knew without these crib notes, I would forget something ... or worse - someone!

Curious to see just what all went on today?  Well, below is just a bit of it.  This is the SCHEDULED stuff.  The other normal stuff - tending to kids, laundry, etc - isn't mentioned.  And I am proud to say I had my camera with me ALL day today!  Yay, me!  for remembering!

6:00 am - wake A.J. up, make him eggs and toast, have him dressed in his baseball uniform and out the door by 6:25am.  (his baseball carpool picked him up at 6:25)

6:30  - wake Aria up to use the bathroom, then guide her back to bed.  I crawl in bed next to her to get another hour or so of sleep.

meanwhile at a fire station one hour from our house...

7:00  - Rich leaves from work.  

8:15  - He arrives at A.J.'s baseball game. The game started at 8:00 so that's not too bad, he didn't miss much.  He will be there for the 10:00 game, too.  Two morning baseball games.

meanwhile back at home...

8:20  - I'm up again.  I wake Aislynn up and get her fed, dressed and ready for her Girl Scout meeting.  I shower.  (forget to eat)

8:50  - Aislynn and I leave for her meeting.  The meeting lasts until 10:00.

I am always at Aislynn's Daisy meetings.  It's our special time together.

10:15  - I am at the grocery store with Aislynn buying grapes, drinks and cupcakes for both A.J.'s  and Andrew's soccer teams.  It's my turn to bring snacks for BOTH teams on this day.  How did that happen??!!

10:15  - I call the house to speak to one of the big kids.  I tell them to keep an eye on the little ones, that I'll be home soon.

10:30  - Arrive back home.  Slightly upset to find the kitchen sink FULL of breakfast bowls.  In the 1 hour and 25 minutes that I am gone they manage to completely destroy the kitchen.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that we had SIX extra kids in the house because of sleepovers that happened the night before.  So of course that meant more dishes than usual.  I'm always glad to have the extras, but MY kids need to learn to clean up after THEIR guests!  

11:00  -  I get the coolers out for the soccer teams' drinks, wash and separate all the grapes into small sandwich baggies - I make 24 baggies- 12 for each team.  I yell for Aislynn,  who is upstairs, to get into her soccer uniform quickly!  I yell to the rest of the kids,  "GET DRESSED RIGHT NOW IF YOU WANT TO GO TO AISLYNN'S GAME WITH ME!  I WILL HAVE NO TIME TO WAIT FOR YOU!"

11:15  - Afton comes downstairs to tell me her plans for the Homecoming Dance tonight, and asks can I be at the photos at 5:oopm?

11:16  - Audriana comes downstairs to tell me that she doesn't have any shoes to wear to the Homecoming Dance tonight.  I say, "Are you kidding me?  And you're telling me this now?  Today? When you know I have a girl scout meeting, two baseball games, four soccer games, and two girls attending a Homecoming Dance?"    She said no more and found a very nice low heel black pump in the back of her closet.

11:30  - I leave with Aislynn - and a few kids who were dressed and ready- for Aislynn's soccer game.  

12:00 pm - Aislynn's game starts.

  She is getting more and more confident out there!  And she's very fast!

12:15  - Rich calls me to tell me he's on his way home from A.J.'s games.  He says he is going directly to A.J.'s soccer game, and that he will see me there.  Yes, A.J. had two baseball games and a soccer game today.  Crazy, I know.

1:00  - Aislynn's game ends, we get back into the car and drive over to another field where A.J's game is scheduled to start at 1:00.

1:15  - arrive at A.J.'s game.  I miss the first 15 minutes but hey, at least I made it there.

A.J. plays in the goalie position most of the game.  He's an awesome goal keeper!

2:00 - A.J.'s game ends.  Rich then leaves with Andrew and A.J. and heads to yet another field where  Andrew's game is scheduled to start at 2:45.  I remind him to first go home and grab all the snack items for Andrew's team!

2:15 - I drive home, pick up Afton and Aria.  Aislynn is still in the car, and I drive Afton to her friend's house so she can get ready for the Homecoming Dance.  It's a 15 minute drive to her friend's house and a 15 minute drive back.  Aria naps in the car.  I knew she would.

3:00 -  I arrive at Andrew's game and watch his game through the window of my car, as Aria is still sleeping and I don't want to wake her up. Luckily I get a great parking spot right in front of the field he is playing on.  Rich waves to me from the field.

3:20 - I leave the field before Andrew's game ends, drive home once again, and I don't even get out of the car because Alex is getting into the car as soon as I pull up so that I can take him to his soccer game which is in another town and takes me 30 minutes to get there.  I stay at the field and wait for Rich and the kids to join me.

4:45 - Alex's game starts.  

team huddle before the game

Rich and I watch about 10 minutes of the game, then load all of the kids into the car and drive off to find Afton and her friends who are gathering for photos before the Homecoming Dance.  Lucky for us, the place they chose to do photos is just about 10 minutes from the field Alex is playing on.

Afton pinning the boutineer on her date

5:00 - We leave Afton's photos to drive 5 minutes away for Audriana's photos.  We couldn't have gotten any luckier with the proximity of their locations to each other and to the soccer field.

Audriana with her best friends

5:40  - Arrive back at the soccer field to catch the last 15 minutes of Alex's soccer game.  They lose 3-0 - bummer!

6:20 - Arrive back home, help A.J. get into his Halloween costume.  Rich orders pizzas and I agree to pick them up when I take A.J. to his friend's Halloween party.

6:45 -  Back in the car again.  I drive A.J. to the Halloween party, and along the way I drop Avery off at her bests friend's house  for a sleepover.  Then it's just ME in the car ALONE.  And I enjoy the silence.

7:00 - Arrive back home. Rich greets me at the door and asks, "Where's the pizzas?"  and I realize that I forgot to go pick them up.  I guess I was lost in the silence a little too much!  By this time at night, my brain is pretty much fried.  I'm tired.  

7:01 - Back in the car, drive to Pizza Hut.  The pizza guy rings up my order, looks at me and says, "One of those days, huh?"  Even the young 18 year old pizza guy knows the look of a tired mommy when he sees one.  Do I look that obvious?

7:20 - Arrive at home with Pizzas.  Everyone eats dinner.

8:00 - Kids get showers and baths, teeth brushed.

8:10 - Alex gets invited last minute to sleep over his friends house down the street.  Big Brother Tony walks him down there.

8:15 -  Dressed in their pajamas, the kids pile onto our bed to watch a movie and "unwind"   and Rich joins them.  I go on the computer to catch up on the day's emails.

9:05 - I look up at the time to realize I should have picked up A.J. from the party five minutes ago!  I'm late!  I run into our bedroom to tell Rich I'll be right back.  He's sleeping.   I knew he'd fall asleep once his head hit the pillow.  I find myself feeling extremely jealous!

9:06 - I'm back in the car.  Again.

9:10 - Pick up A.J. at the party.  I'm thankful to see he's not the last one to be picked up!

9:45 -  And this is the current time as I finish up this blog post.  What's going on right now?  A.J. just went to bed. Rich is sleeping. Andrew is sleeping. Tony is sleeping.  Alex and Avery are both at a friend's house, probably not yet sleeping.  Aislynn and Aria are still up even though I've tucked them into bed a few times.  Aria keeps coming over to me, " come YOU get to stay up?" and the answer, "Because I'm the mommy." just doesn't seem to satisfy her.  Meanwhile I still have two teenagers  at a Homecoming Dance.  I have to stay up until they get home.  One is coming home to our house, and another is going home with her best friend.  I keep texting best friend's mom to make sure she and I are on the same page as to when the girls are expected home.  She will be up waiting for their arrival, and I will be waiting for the phone call to tell me they are home safe.   The dance is over at 11:00pm.  It looks like my day will not be ending anytime soon.   ::: sigh :::  
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

random kid stuff

Conversation overheard from the back of the van:

ALEX:  Mom, my next soccer tournament is in San Diego.
ANDREW:   They have Eggos there!
ANDREW:  They have EGGOS there!
ALEX:  What?  Andrew...what are you talking about?
ANDREW:  They DO have Eggos there.
ALEX: WHAT are you talking about?!

At this point, Andrew was getting frustrated.  He is five, and his words don't always come out of his mouth correctly.  I could tell he was struggling getting his point across.

ME:  Andrew, what are you trying to say, honey?  Try again.
ANDREW:   Mom, they have Eggos in San Diego.  That's what I'm trying to tell you.
ME:'s not "Sandy Eggo" -- it's San Diego --  San  DIEGO.   It has nothing to do with Eggos!"

Andrew was quiet for a minute...then he said, "Oh."


We did a lesson this week on the American Flag.  I read aloud from a workbook to Aislynn, Andrew and A.J. and they learned all kinds of facts about our flag; how many stripes it has, how many stars it has, what the stars and stripes symbolize, what the colors of our flag stand for, and other facts and fun trivia.  At the end of my reading, I asked the kids a few questions to see if they were listening well, and for the most part they got the answers correct.  

A.J. is in the third grade, and I gave him a written test to complete.  I got it from the workbook, and the answers could be written right on the sheet of paper.  I did not let him have an open book test, but instead he had to just remember what I read to him.  For the most part, he did quite well.  I'd say he got most of the answers correct.  But this one cracked me up:

Q - What is the nic-name of the American Flag?

The correct answer is "Old Glory"  but A.J. had written, "Old Maid".  
I couldn't stop laughing.  
I said to him, "Old Maid!!  What made you put down "Old Maid" ?!!"  
and he said, "Well, I knew it was "old" something!"

Another conversation in the car, this time in the Taco Bell drive-thru:

Aislynn:  Mom, do we eat when we are in Heaven?
Me:  I sure hope so!
Aislynn:  But do we?
Me:  Well, I don't know, exactly.  Maybe we don't need to eat when we are in Heaven.
Aislynn:  Why not? Because we will always be full?
Me:  Something like that.
Aislynn:  But mom, do we?  Do we eat in Heaven?
Me:  Honey, I don't know.  I've never been there.  

Then all the kids started laughing really hard.  I guess they thought what I said was funny. I wasn't trying to be funny.  I was just stating the facts as I know them!

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