Monday, May 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

There has been a series of home robberies in our town lately, and the targeted areas are getting closer and closer to where we live.  The street above us has been hit -- 4 homes robbed last weekend.  The street next to us has been hit -- 3 homes robbed this weekend.  I keep thinking that our street might be next.  

It seems that the crooks stake out the house and wait until they see the owners leave, then they enter through an open upstairs window.  They get up there by standing on the garbage cans or other large items that are near the balconies.  Then from the balcony they walk to a window to check if it's open.  Since the weather is warming up, people are leaving their upstairs windows open to let the breeze in.  No one ever thinks to shut the upstairs windows.

So you'd think this would make me scared.  It doesn't.  It makes me angry.  I feel like pulling a "Home Alone" and booby trapping the place to catch me some bad guys.  Oh, I would SO love to catch some idiots entering my house with the intent to rob us.  I'd love to have some big netting fall onto them, get them all tangled up and helpless, and then let all the kids take some  toy swords, socks filled with soap, sticks, and baseball bats and just whack the heck out of the guys until the police arrive.   We'd throw some eggs and douse them with Silly String just for good measure.   Then the police can haul them away to jail.  The local paper would want to do a story on us, and I'd recount our evening and tell them of our plan to catch the bad guys.  My kids would be in the paper, holding up all their toy swords, Silly String, eggs in hand...and the bad guys' photo would be there, too, all messed up and looking abused.

Okay, so I probably would never do that.      I'd never put my family in harm's way, of course.  But still.  It just makes me so angry to think these thugs have the nerve to enter someone else's house.  Your home is such a sacred place, and I can only imagine how violating it would feel to know that some stranger went  through all your personal items, taking your precious things.  To have your personal space invaded like that must be an awful feeling.

So until theses creeps are caught, we are being very careful to lock all windows and doors, upstairs and down.  I am making sure our house is never dark, that porch lights and balcony lights are left on during the night.  We have an alarm system on our house, so that's a good thing.  Our dog is a great little watch dog and barks at every sound he hears outside our door, which can be so annoying yet so helpful at the same time.  He will warn us if there's someone creeping around out there.

I hope the police catch these criminals soon.  I think we are going to watch our DVD of "Home Alone" a few times, though,  just in case we are forced to take matters into our own hands:)

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

You Smile, I Smile

So we've got Bieber Fever going on over here.  I'm not ashamed to say that I'm included in this. We just got the DVD "Never Say Never" and I have to admit, I'm now a fan of Justin Bieber.   What got me was the photos and video of when he was a baby and a small boy.  Oh. My. Gosh. but he was such a cute little guy!  There was this one part in the movie where he was just about 4 years old and dressed all up in his snowsuit, ready to go out and shovel some snow for his mama - he was so sweet! 

Anyway, so my little Andrew has got the Fever bad.  He has watched this movie about 8 or 9 times already and goes about his days humming and singing the songs.  I'm hearing "Baby, baby, baby, oh!"  in my sleep now.  Andrew also has a set of drum sticks - he doesn't have drums, but just drum sticks.  I have no idea where they came from - and lately he's been "drumming" on anything he can find that remotely resembles drums.  Today he took my baking pans (the round ones that I use to bake cakes) and took them outside to "drum" and when they came back into the house they were all dented out of shape.  (we are going to have some lumpy cakes now!)

Andrew's birthday is at the end of June.  Dare we buy him a set of drums?  I'm dreading the noise, but he's so darn cute, the way he's been drumming everything in sight.  He might have talent.  Who knows?  He could even be the next JB.   Hey, it could happen.  Never say never, right?

So the song playing right now is "U Smile" and it's my favorite JB song.  Enjoy.  But first let me tell you why it's my favorite...

The other day while I was pushing Aria in the swing at our neighborhood park, she kept saying "Higher, Mommy!  Higher!"  and I would give her another strong shove that sent her soaring,  and I watched as her smile got bigger and bigger with each shove.  And at this one point she tilted her head up to the sky with her eyes closed, the sun shining down on her sweet face, her hair flying in the wind....and she said, "Mommy! This makes me happy!"   Just like that, my two year old said the sweetest words that a Mommy can hear.  It instantly brought happy tears to my eyes, my heart melted, and I burned that moment into memory so that I can replay it again and again when I need to.   Once the lump in my throat subsided a bit, I said, "This makes you happy, Ari?"  and she nodded, yes, still with a huge smile on her face, as I continued to push her.  And I said, "Well, you know what makes me happy?"  and she said, "What?" and I said, "Pushing you in the swing makes me happy.  When you are happy, I am happy."  

You smile, I smile.

Here are some other sweet smiles that make me smile:

 Happy Memorial Weekend!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am so looking forward to summer!  I need a few lazy, no-schedule, nothing to do but chill days.

It's been super busy here.  Just completely non-stop -- one thing after another:  soccer practices, soccer games, soccer tournaments, baseball practices, baseball play-offs, batting practices, dentist appointments, violin concerts, piano lessons, a family wedding, school science fair projects, school country fair, two haircut appointments, girl scout mommy& me event, girl scout weekend camping, ER visit -- and this is all in just the past 5 days.

Oh, and the ER visit?  Yea, that was Rich.  Last night he wakes me up at 1:30am telling me that he hurts "right here" and points the the left side of his chest.  Got my attention right away because 1) the guy never wakes up in the middle of the night, and 2) I'm thinking right away OMG he's having a heart attack and I would not know what the heck to do if he keeled over right in front of me.  No, I would not know what to do.  I would panic, for sure.  I'd freak and call 911 - but then what?  Pop aspirin into his mouth?  Start pounding on his chest?  (Seriously, I need to review heart attack procedures one of these days.)

Anyway, so I ask him if his left arm hurts, and he tells me no, that only his chest hurts when he breathes in deeply.  So then I think, Okay....sounds like a respiratory-thing, perhaps his lungs? He has had this very annoying cough for weeks now, congestion that he just chumps off as "the end of a cold"  even though I've told him he needs to be seen by a doctor because it's just been going on too long and he sounds awful.  But he's stubborn.  Very much so.  And he never went in to be seen.  Right away I think it's probably turned into a pneumonia or bronchitis or something like that, and the heart attack thought pretty much left my mind, but not Rich's.  I think being in pain "right there"  scared him a bit, and he just kept whining and complaining and keeping me up.  Yes, I got a bit annoyed with him, and although that sounds awful, let me give you the dialog and you tell me if this wouldn't begin to annoy YOU:

HIM:'s still hurting. (pacing our room, hand on his chest)
ME:  (lifting my head off of the pillow, yet again)   Okay, well...what can I do for you?  How can I help?
HIM:   You can't.  It just hurts.
ME:  Do you want to come lie back down?  Try to sleep?
HIM:   No.  It hurts worse when I lie down.
ME:   Are you sure you don't want me to drive you to the hospital?
HIM:   No, no.  I can wait until morning.
ME:   You sure?
HIM:  Yeah.
ME:  Okay then...well, I'm going back to sleep.  Unless you want me to stay up with you?
HIM:  No, I'm okay.  Go back to sleep.
ME:  Okay.

one minutes passes.

HIM:  Man, I think it's getting worse.
ME:   Okay, let's go to the ER.
HIM:  No.
ME:    Is this a money-thing?  You don't want to pay for an ER visit?  Is that it?
HIM:  No, I just don't want to over-react.
ME:  But you're in pain.  Plus, you're keeping me up.
HIM:  Go back to sleep, then.
ME:    Well, I would.  But you keep talking.
HIM:  I can't help it.  It hurts.
ME:  If it hurts that much, we should go to the hospital.
HIM:   No, I don't need to.

two minutes pass, I think I almost fall asleep again...and then:

HIM:  It just really hurts!
ME:  (getting out of bed now)  OMG, let's go.  Get in the car.
HIM:  Okay, yea...maybe I better.

So I drive him to the hospital ER - which for us is just about a 2 minute drive down the hill - and Rich is huffing and puffing and making little pain sounds as we drive, and I'm taken back to all the times (before I began homebirthing)  that he's driven me to the hospital when I'm in labor.  Now I was the one doing the driving and he's in the passenger seat, uncomfortable and in pain.  So the tables turn, then.  I'm wondering if I should look for a few speed bumps to go over at 30 miles an hour?  He did that to me a few times on our drives to the hospital and I guess I haven't forgiven him for that yet!  There's nothing quite like hitting speed bumps during a painful and intense contraction.

We soon get to the ER entrance, and he gets out and walks towards the automatic doors, and I yell out the window, "Okay, honey...text me when you're done so I can pick you up!"  He waves at me, and that's that.  I drive back home.

I know what you're thinking.  I'm a crappy wife, right?  To just drop him off like that?  Well, I left sleeping children at home, so I needed to get back (although our 15, 18, and 20 year olds were home and they are perfectly capable of babysitting)   Okay, I'll be honest:  I was tired!  Besides, at that point I knew my husband was in safe hands; he could walk and talk and all that.  He was fine!  Probably a respiratory-thing, like I said.  He did not need me in there.  Before you all hate me for leaving him there alone, just know that is was at his insistence that I drop him off and pick him up later.   He wanted me to get back home in case Aria woke up.

So I go home, get back into my warm bed, and settle in... sending Rich good health vibes as I drift back to sleep.

About a half hour later, I hear my phone receive a text message. I reach over to the night stand and lift the phone up to my blurry, sleepy eyes and try to read the text.  It's from Rich, of course.

They saw me right away.  Not a heart attack.

I text back:

Good to know!  

and I put my phone back on the night stand, roll over, and fall back asleep.

About a half hour later, another text wakes me up.  It's now 2:45am.

I'm almost done here.  No need to pick me up.  I'll walk home.

Yeah, right, I'm thinking.  Now he's just trying to make me feel guilty.

Walk home.  
At 3:00am.  
Uphill all the way.   
After a visit from the ER.  
Yea, rite! As if!
Now, while I may not be the perfect wife, I am definitely not cruel!

So I text back:

I don't think so!

And...I fall back asleep.
The next text comes not too long after the last one.

Done now.

So I read that and think, okay...time to get up and drive down to the hospital to pick him up.  But then Aria (who has been sleeping next to me) starts to stir a bit, waking up.  So I take the time to cuddle her back to sleep, and the next thing I know it's 20 minutes after his last text!  I must have fallen back asleep!  Damn! So I jump out of bed, get into my car and take off down the street.  I'm thinking there is NO WAY he would sit there and wait for me for 20 minutes.  He is just not like that.  I had a feeling that after a few minutes had passed and I did not come, he would have started to walk home, and I was feeling kinda guilty about that.

Sure enough, I'm barely turning onto the main highway that leads to the hospital, and there he is, walking on the sidewalk in the direction of home.  It's 3:30 in the morning and my husband is walking home from the ER.  Nice.

So I flip a quick U-turn and pull up alongside him.  He sees me and smiles, coming over to the car.  He gets in.

ME:   I'm so sorry!  Aria woke up and I cuddled her back to sleep, and I fell asleep!
HIM:   Don't worry!  I told you I'd walk home.  Don't even worry about it. You should have stayed asleep.

So that's the story.  It turns out that I was right;  the chest x-ray showed that he has some condition with a fancy medical name that I cannot recall, but in laymen's terms he has fluid between the two linings of his lung which was causing him pain when he breathed deeply.  So now he's on a 5-day antibiotic and it should clear up soon :)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

You know, there's always one who doesn't want to cooperate for the group photo.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Very Sweet Seat! Giveaway!

There is a contest going on over at I Heart Organizing that I thought many of you might be interested in.   This company has the cutest product:

The company that makes these is called SweetSeat. Aren't they just about the cutest booster seats that you've ever seen?  Oh my gosh, I want one!  In fact, I want TWO -- one for Andrew and one for Aria.  The one I want for Andrew is this one:

Are you kidding me?  Bikes!  My little four year old LOVES bikes.  He would love a booster seat like this!  They have more designs to choose from, too.  Just go their website here and check them out!

So if you want a chance to win one of these, go to I Heart Organizing and enter.  Good luck!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Designing Women

Avery had to design a dress to earn one of her badges in Girl Scouts.  She had a pattern to go by, and she chose the paper and made all the cuts, and here is her dress with handbag accessory.  Cute, huh?  It's glued on a canvas backing.

Aislynn wanted to get in on the fun, too, so she made this one all by herself (can you tell from the cuts?)   I think she did a great job, and I wanted to keep it for memory's sake, but she insisted on giving it to her Kindergarten teacher.  She's sweet like that.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The Tooth Fairy will be visiting Aislynn tonight!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Favorite Things

I finally did it!  I bought my dream camera!  No more FILM - hooray!  (yes, can you believe I've been using a film camera all this time?  talk about being behind in the times, huh?)  Well, on Mother's Day, in between the chaos of the two celebrations unrelated to Mother's Day,  Rich slipped me a card with a photo inside it of the above camera.  He has known that I've had my eye on this one for quite some time.  

And to go with my shiny new Canon 60D...I bought this:

For those of you camera tote'n mamas out there...this is THE bag to have!  Doesn't it look like a cute purse? can use it as one AND have your camera inside it, too!  I just put my wallet right there in one of the side compartments and I'm good to go.  And if you don't have a big lens, or don't want to bring your big lens with you, then you have another compartment to put other necessities.  The bag is insulated to protect all your gear, yet it looks like a purse that you'd carry around everyday.  This is my second Kelly Moore camera bag, and I highly recommend them. There are quite a few styles to choose from, and all sorts of cool colors.  In my sidebar there is a link to the online store -  or just click right here - be sure to check them out!

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Trying to catch up

Okaaaaay...where have I been?  I know.  I'm slacking on the blogging.  What can I say except that sometimes LIFE just gets in the way.  I've been a super busy mama lately and my blog had to take a back seat.  So sorry about that.  Here is a super quick update on all that's been going on:

I shared the spotlight on Mother's Day with  A.J. and Afton this year, who both made important Catholic sacraments on that day.  A.J had his First Holy Communion and Afton received the sacrament of Confirmation.  So although the day wasn't all about still was a very special day!


My sister and her family came out for a week's visit.  Her boys are ages 5 and 3, and her daughter is just 6 months old.  We had a lot of fun watching the cousins play together, and except for the one mishaps where Auntie Trina (that's me)  shut the van door on her sweet little 3 year old nephew's right ring finger (sorry about that, Jason!) and a trip to the E.R. to have it sewn back on back up...everything went smoothly and a lot of FUN was had by all.


My mom, my sister, Audriana and I all walked in the March for Babies fundraiser for the March of Dimes on April 30th.  Would you believe that I am still getting donations for this walk?  Amazing support!  Thank you to everyone who supported my walk!  I really appreciate it, and you've helped a wonderful cause.

I couldn't believe how many people were there at this event!  People of all ages joined in this walk.  My sister toted her 6-month old in her carrier, and I pushed Aria in the stroller.  It was a beautiful day; sunny skies and not too hot.  


Well, let's see...what else have I been up to?  Oh yes.  My fifteen year old is learning to drive.  Oh what fun.  I swear this is NOT helping my gray.  I'm going to need some serious hair dye very soon.  

Here she is just before her first driving lesson with an instructor.   She thinks she's so cool.


Mr. Superstar Baseball player - that would be A.J. - had another awesome game last weekend with outstanding catches such as this one.  Well, you can't tell from this shot, but he DID catch this!  I love 8-year-old baseball.  


Aria is getting bigger by the second and I can't seem to slow her down.  She'll be three in just two more months and I don't quite know how I feel about that.  Right now she is pretty much potty trained but sometimes I ask her to wear a diaper just for old time's sake.  I seriously don't know what I'm going to do with myself when there are no more little ones in diapers around here.  What did I do before the diaper days?  I can't remember that far back.

And although there is much more that has been going on around here, I'm going to end this post now.  If I write about all the soccer games, baseball practices, girl scout events, shopping trips for new church clothes, haircut appointments for five kids, etc...I'll begin to bore you.  Just know that things have slowed down some (some!) around here, and so hopefully I'm BACK and won't have such long breaks in between my posts anymore!

And I think I've found my new favorite photo of Andrew -

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