Friday, December 30, 2011

three and a half

I took this photo of Aria today 
and thought I might as well do an Aria Update to go with it!

at age three and a half

  • The other day she had an "accident" on the bathroom floor, and when I asked her what happened, she said:  "I just ran out of time!"   She is completely 100% potty-trained and has been for about a year now, but lately she's been waiting until the last second because she doesn't want to stop playing, and then when she just can't hold it anymore she RUNS to the bathroom...and well, let's just say that the "I just ran out of time!"  excuse is very accurate!
  • Although we have built her a toddler bed and it is set up in her room, complete with new bedding and pillows... she still won't sleep in it.  Her excuse is something different each night:  "But mommy, I'm afraid of the dark!"    "But mommy, I'm afraid of the Grinch!"   "But mommy, I'm too cold in there."   "But mommy, my bed isn't cozy."   Rich and I are the wimpiest parents on the planet because we just cannot kick her out of our bed.  We just ... can't.   We can't!
  • She got a two wheeler bike for Christmas and has learned how to pedal and stop and steer.  Soon we will take the training wheels off and she'll be on her way!
  • When we drop Andrew off at preschool during the week she gets excited and tells me that when she "gets bigger" she will go to Andrew's school.  I send my kids to preschool when they are four years old, so this means that she "gets bigger" next July.  I am not ready!  She may be ready, but I am not ready! The thought of my last "baby" going to preschool makes my heart hurt.  I'm a wimp, I know.  But I'm just not ready!
and then, she {snapped}

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  1. This picture is absolutely STUNNING!

  2. I know this is way off the subject but I just found "Sunny Side Up" I was going through her blog and I really love it. I saw a post on scrap booking and noticed your comment about the place you go to in Apple Valley. I live in Victorville and I would love to go there. If you could e-mail me the info I would sure love it. My blog is not in working order. I thought I would start one a few years ago but couldn't figure it out so e-mail would be the best way. Thanks.
    I love your blog to.
    Happy New Year!
    glsfn at hotmail dot com

  3. She's a beautiful little girl. :) happy new year :)

  4. this is beautiful! thanks for visiting me and for your comment! happy new year! :)

  5. thank you so much for showing off your shot this week...I've just come over and spent about 30 mins browsing your blog...I'll be back!