Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm a bit behind...

We are already seven days into December.   My Christmas Tree might not be up yet, and the Christmas lights might not be hung outside, and our Christmas decorations might still be sitting in boxes in my living room waiting to be unpacked...

But by golly, we got our Christmas Countdown Chains done today!  Hallelujah!!

Let the Christmas Season begin!

Christmas Countdown Chains
Just Do It!

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  1. I haven't logged into Blogger for a while, and I see that you've changed your header. I like it!

  2. "I'm a bit behind"? That header will get you some hits from the perverts in the middle east!

    Merry Christmas!


  3. I bet your kids don't mind that you are running behind. Still such a fun activity!

  4. love your new blog title! did you create it or draw it yourself?
    very cute pictures! have a wonderful christmas!!!

  5. What fun! I haven't done this with my kids yet. I want to!

  6. This is completely irrelevant to this post, but I couldn't help but notice Aria in a high chair. MY how I envy you! My 3 yr old will NOT sit at the table (we have a booster seat for her) and it is such a pain to get her to eat. Not to mention when we do crafts. Does Aria not put up a fight to sit in the high chair still? I tried using the high chair on my 3 yr old but she cries because "she is not a baby any more!"

  7. Aria is about 50/50 with her high chair. Sometimes she goes into it willingly, and sometimes she says NO and I let her sit at the table. But with arts and crafts she is always in it. I just say, "As soon as you get in your high chair, you can start your craft!" and I make it sound exciting. That's easier than when I try, "As soon as you go into your high chair, you can eat your chicken and broccoli!!" for some reason, that just doesn't get her excited enough, lol.