Monday, November 28, 2011

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I did not get a new header for my blog!  Nope, not me... because I hate change.

Not only did I not get a new header, but I did not get it designed so that each of us was drawn to fit our individual personality and hobbies.   For example....
  • That is not little Aria holding her pretty pink purse and wearing her Cinderella shoes!
  • The little boy with the sword in one hand and Milo's leash in the other hand is not my sweet Andrew!
  • The girl next to him wearing her blue Daisy Girl Scout smock and her favorite purple shoes while hanging onto her older brother's shoulders is not Aislynn!  Nope, it's not her!
  • The kid in his favorite red baseball cap, comfortable ripped jeans that he wears almost everyday, and riding a skateboard is not my sweet A.J.!
  • It most certainly is not my Avery standing there looking pretty while wearing her roller blades that she's so into lately.  No, that's not Avery!
  • And that other boy can not be Alex wearing his soccer uniform with a fistful of Red Vines, his most favorite candy in the whole wide world.  No way!
  • And who is that girl with the hip-length hair and the iPhone in one hand while the other hand is on her hip showing all that teenage attitude? Is that Afton?  wearing her favorite Ugg boots and her soccer Jersey #19?   No, it couldn't be her!
  • That tall girl with her nose stuck in the Twilight book and her baby sister's arm wrapped around her leg because she is her second mom is not my oldest daughter, Audriana.  
  • The kid on the end with the surfboard and shaggy hair?  That is so not my oldest son, Anthony.
  • And the woman in the middle wearing the cute red top and jeans, holding a camera... don't even for one second think that hot mama is me.  No way, she is not me!  Because we all know I ain't that skinny.

If this header were my new header -- which I'm telling you it's not -- it would almost be too good to be true, because   we all know that there is  no one talented enough to pull this off. To draw my entire family so precisely?  No way!  But IF anyone were ever so talented to do this artwork -- and that's a big IF -- it would be these people right here:

Whatever you do, do not click on their button to check out their work!
Don't even THINK about doing that.

Other things I didn't do this week....

I did not forget to bring my 40% off coupon for Justice when out shopping with my ten year old at the mall yesterday.  I did not go ALL the way back home to get said coupon....only to save 40% off of an $8.00 black tank top.  Yes, I know that the gas it took to go all the way home and back to the mall again totally negated the savings.  But still.  I just had to do it. 

I did not tell my husband "I'll be there in a minute"  when he got into bed last night,  only to get sucked into the computer stuff I was doing, and then an hour later I did not find him sound asleep in bed, obviously had fallen asleep while waiting for me. I did not feel guilty about that.  

I did not get 3 people scratched off of my Christmas list by shopping online at Sticks & Stones ... and not only did I not get 50% off my second item but also did not save 10% off my entire order by using the coupon code  IBGIKL.No I did not, because I'm usually just not that good at saving money.  Nope, not me!

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  1. Whether or not your header is new or "not" I really like it. Clever post. Sandra

  2. I'm glad you did not change the header, I like it the way it is!

    The Cranky Old Man

  3. i love it, they did a great job. I have not updated my blog since the boys joined us and I feel guilty about it