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Wadda Ya Wanna Know?

  • Margaret said...Here's my 'wadda ya wanna know' question.  How did you pick each of your kids names? Just names you liked, or were they named after someone? Was the A theme a coincidence and you just kept it going, or was it something you knew you would do since baby #1?  October 21, 2011 11:11 PM  
Our first is named Anthony (aka "Tony"), and I love, love, love that name!  But I can't take the credit for naming him that.  For those of you who don't know, Anthony is actually my stepson.  So I did not name him!  I married Rich when Tony was 17 months old.   I really, really love the name Anthony.  I have always loved that name.  But because Rich always called him "Tony", that was the name I called him, too.  And we just got used to that name and rarely, if ever, do we call him Anthony.  The only time I say his name as "Anthony" is when I am introducing him to someone.  I like for him to be an "A" name just like the rest of them.  So I sign his name "Anthony" on the family Christmas cards and anything else where I put all of our names, and I introduce him by the name "Anthony"  but I always call him "Tony" face to face - we all do.

Mommy and Tony, July 1994

When I was expecting Audriana, there were a few names we were considering for a girl.  The first name I liked was Audrey.  I really wanted an Audrey!  But Rich vetoed that name right away, claiming that it sounded "old".  He just wouldn't have it.  Instead, he suggested "Adrienne".  I rejected that name.  I grew up with a boy named Adrian, and I just couldn't name a girl that after knowing him!  So Rich suggested "Adreeana" and I said, "No, it sounds too much like Adrienne."   So then I said, "How about Audriana?"  and he liked that, so that was one of our names on the list.  I thought to myself that the name "Audrey" is in there, so I could always call her that for short.  But I never did!  I only call her Audriana.  Rich also liked the name Nikki, and I also liked Kourtney and Brittany.  But none of those felt quite right.  In my heart I kept going back to the name Audriana for a few reasons:  1) "Audrey" was a family name, and it was sentimental to me to name her that.  2)  "Audriana" was the name of a baby from my favorite soap opera at the time "Santa Barbara" - who some of you will remember as Cruz and Eden's baby girl, if you were fans,  and 3) It was an "A" name, and I thought it would go great with the name Anthony.  So, when she was born, we both knew she was an Audriana.  
 Audriana, age 5 months

When Afton came along, I just knew I was going to name her Afton.  I didn't even consider another name for her.  When I was younger, I babysat for a little girl named Afton.  She was the cutest and the sweetest little thing.  I remember when I met her for the first time and her mom introduced her to me, I said to the mom, "How do you spell her name?"  and she said, "A-F-T-O-N"  and I asked, "Where did you get her name?"  and she said, "From a baby book."  and I knew right at that moment that I would name one of my future daughters Afton.  I was just about seventeen at the time, but I knew!
Afton, age four

So the first three kids were just coincidentally "A" names, not really planned at all, and then we just chose to keep the theme going, not knowing who would be our last baby.  We didn't want A after A after A after A ... and then...Ben.  It just wouldn't be right!

Alex - When we were expecting Alex, I actually suggested to Rich that we get off the "A" theme, because who knew how many kids we would have, and it would get harder and harder to come up with so many "A" names.  Besides, I really had it set in my head that the little baby boy inside of me was a "Robert" and I even got Rich to agree to that name... right up until a couple weeks before the due date, when he suddenly said to me, "You know, I'm not so sure about the name Robert.  I kinda want to name him Alex!"

ME:  Whaaaa?  Are you kidding me?  I've been calling him "Robbie" for months now!
HIM:  I know, but I just really, really want an Alex!
ME:  But I don't like "Alexander" !
HIM:  I didn't say "Alexander" - I said, "Alex".
ME:  We can't name him just "Alex" !
HIM:  Why not?
ME:  It's not the full name!
HIM:  If we name him "Alex"  then THAT will be his FULL name!

So...being that he seemed to have his heart set on the name, I let him have his "Alex" and honestly, Alex looks nothing like "Robbie" or "Robert" - I don't know what I was thinking!
Alex, 22 months old

Avery -  I named Avery at a time when the only other "Avery" I knew of was the boy in the story "Charlotte's Web" - I had always thought of it as a boy's name.  So I thought, how cool would it be to name a girl that!  I thought I'd be one of the only ones!  Then, the day I had her, the doctor asked me, "So what's her name?"  and I proudly said, "Avery!"  and he said, "Oh! That's what the lady in the next room just named her baby!"    After that, there were girl Avery's everywhere!  Or so it seemed.  But I still love the name!
Avery, 11 months old

A.J. - is actually Adam John, but he was "A.J." long before we came up with the names to go with the initials.  When I was pregnant with him, I saw the movie Armageddon for the first time and I absolutely fell in love with Ben Affleck's character "A.J. Frost"  He was sweet, funny, sentimental, brave, and very handsome to boot - and after the movie was over, I rubbed my big belly and said to Rich, "If this is a little boy, can we name him A.J. ?"  and he looked at me and said,  "I don't's not a Ben Affleck-thing, is it?"  and I told him, "Noooo, not all all.  I just love the character from this movie!"    And that is how A.J. got his name.  What's strange is that his personality is A LOT like the character in that movie!  I swear it is!
A.J. making a cake ice cream cone

Aislynn - I saw that name in a baby book, originally spelled "Aislin" so I just changed the spelling.  We pronounce it "ACE - lin"  -- sounds like, but not to be confused with, FaceLift.

Aislynn on the 4th of July

Andrew - we never call him Andy, just Andrew.  We named him this name because it is a nice, strong name.   With the girls I can get more creative with their names, more unique and unusual, but not with the boys.  I like the traditional, strong-sounding names for my boys.
Andrew, last Halloween 

Aria - I named her this because my friend Joan's youngest daughter is named Aria, and I had never heard the name before, and I thought it was pretty :)  

Aria, deep in thought about something

If ever we are blessed with another baby, the names we have in mind are:

BOY -  Aiden, Aaron
GIRL - Ashely, Ayla

If anyone has any other "A" name ideas, I'm always up for suggestions!

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  1. Great post. :) how about aurora? :)

  2. I love the name Azariah but my husband has vetoed it so if you love it please use it since I won't be able to. Also a friend got Asher vetoed off her list. Just 2 more suggestions for any more boys you might have. Loved reading about your theme. We have a theme of family names even though we only have one. Any additions to our family will have at least one family name.

  3. I love the name Anna :)

    I love Avery and Aria names great choices I havem't heard them before I found your blog!

  4. Thanks for answering my question! I've always been interested in baby names:)

    I'm glad you said how to pronounce Aislynn's name, because I have always read it as aze-lin (I had a friend in high school named Aislinn and that is how she pronounced it. Ace, not Aze. Got it!

    By the way, I really like the name Ayla! It reminds me of my friends little girl, Aylei.

  5. ooh i love name posts. i've always loved the name atticus for a boy and addison and (more recently) adele for girls :)


  6. i want to name my daughter Aislin! other "A" names I like are Abrie and Annika =]

  7. I have an A name and I like it because its so unique. My name is Aline pronounced Ah-lee-ni. Never met anyone with the same name and I am 30 already. Where my parents came up with this I have no

    I love talking about baby names and I really your kids name. One of the names we considered for dd was Ariel and of course Athena.

    ps. My son is named after a movie character too ;)

  8. I'm having another baby girl, and I really love the name Adelaide. My husband has his heart set on another name, which I love too, so Adelaide is probably not going to be our name. But it's so pretty, I thought I'd share! Your kids have great names and I loved reading the story behind each of them.

  9. Girls are definitely easier than boys (for names that is!)
    I like Ashleigh, Amy (or Aimee), and Allie for girls

    I think you've already got my favorite boy "A" names....

  10. Awesome names!

    1 - I loved the name Ainslee since I was in 19 and bought some china in London with that name. Was always gonna name my baby girl Ainslee. Fortunately, I got kinda tired of it and Walker didn't like it anyway - because I've seen so many baby Ainslees in the past couple years!

    2 - Re Avery: my mom named me Melissa because she was trying to be unique. So there ya go.

    3 - I have seen several Shepherds pop up, and Evas, and of course Maggie was already a common name. But I am glad that a certain hurricane is making sure that Ike will probably never have to go by Ike D. :)

  11. I love"A" names, considering I am one. My parents have 5 children.
    Aaron John: Both family names. Alot of friends call him AJ. Siblings call him Aaron (or slug. Trust me.. he is NOTHING like AJ Frost. :)
    Kristine Ann: Both family names. Went by Kristy as a child and now Kris.
    Andrew James: Once again, family names. He has always been known as Andy.
    And now there family is complete. Oh wait.... When Andy was 5, Kris was 7 and Aaron 9, they had baby oops.... that was me.
    Angel Grace: I was supposed to be Abagail, but my arrival on December 24th, changed all that. Angel for obvious reasons and Grace is a family name. Always known as Angel. NOW the family is complete..... oh oops again... Angel was 9, Andy 14, Kris 16, Aaron 18... along comes Amanda Kathleen: Always referred to as the baby. We all got a say in naming her and we wanted her to be a "K", but Kris enjoyed being the only "K" so she became a "A" Amanda. All her friends and others call her Mandy, but Amanda to family. And neither of her names are family names... Just names we picked. It was fun to fight over mail being delivered to A.Bowers, we all thought it was our mail. It is interesting how all your boys have normal, strong names and the girls are all "different". ~~ I am a new reader to your blog and you have quickly become one of my FAVORITES!!!!!! Keep the awesome posts coming!!

    Angel Walker, Iowa