Monday, October 31, 2011

Not Me, Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

We did not discover lice in one of our children's hair last week!   And we did not decide to treat our entire family just to be safe.  And while we were not doing that we did not find lice in all the other children's heads, too.   No, of course not!   

That's nine heads that I did not have to treat.  Nine heads that I did not have to pick through, hour after hour.  Because that would take just way too long.  And I do not have to do this again and again, until we are completely 100% lice free.   I have nothing else to do with my time, of course, so I won't be doing this.  No, not me!

And my children did not hate me because I wouldn't go the easier pesticide shampoo route, but instead chose the organic method of suffocation by olive oil which, although a much safer remedy, is a 21-day ordeal of treatments every 4 days. 

So I did not saturate my children's hair in olive oil and then wrap their heads in plastic wrap and make them sleep in it for 8 hours, then wake them up early in the morning to start the long process of nit-picking.  No, not me!  Because that wouldn't be very fun. 

Are we having fun yet?

And of course I am not such a die-hard, devoted blogger that I took pictures of their misery and posted them up on my blog.  No, not me! Never!

Oh, my sweet baby.  Not happy.

Let's see.  What other things did I not do this week?   

I did not trust my 12 year old when he told me his soccer game was at 5:05pm on Sunday when in the back of my mind thought I remembered it being at 8:00am.   We did not completely miss that game because of this.  Rich did not give me a hard time for trusting a 12 year old instead of checking my calendar.  And I did not tell him that perhaps he would do a better job with our schedule from now on, and that I would gladly pass the torch.  And he did not then quickly tell me that "Mistakes happen, Honey, I  know you do your best."

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  1. Awww, so cute!! I imagine that wasn't the most pleasant of duties!!

    Hope the little blighters have all gone now.

    CJ xx

  2. You POOR thing!!!! I can't imagine having to treat that many kids for lice. My daughter came home with it last year and it was HORRIBLE!!!! They were crawling out of her hair. I treated myself too with Mayo and plastic wrap only to find them falling out of my hair in the shower. GROSS!!!! Since then, I straighten and blow dry my daughters hair quite often because that is suppose to kill the lingering eggs. After washing EVERYTHING and suffocating all of the stuffed animals in this house with garbage bags for two weeks, we have stayed lice free!!!! I hope I didn't just jinx myself. I really feel for you!!!!!

  3. Wow! That would have been horrible if ANY of those things happened.

    The Cranky Old Man

  4. oh no! another friend of mine just went through this with her whole family! ah!!! so sorry... that is not fun at all

  5. Oh, Dear God. You are handling this so much better than I did just a few months ago when my youngest had them. I FREAKED. We were on vacation, and I ran for the nearest WalMart where I bought RID. Bad mommy, but I needed them gone. RIGHT THEN. Ugh. I spent hours every morning and evening doing comb outs for several days until I got the very last nit and the nightmare was over. I told my husband this was one of the few times that my OCD came in very handy, thank you very much! Because no hair went unturned, LOL. Good luck in your combing. I really, really cannot imagine lice X 9.

  6. This just sucks but OH my god did I laugh hard at the pciture of your 6 kids watching tv with plastic wrap on their heads to funny. I would be a bad mommy and go the chemical route I have slight OCD so I would need them gone right away.

  7. four months we added 2 blessings to our family. they came with lice that were HUGE, before we even brought them home we treated them and almost shaved them bald. I thought we were clear until one of my little girls started scratching. The wonderful mother that I am ignored it and did not catch on until all three girls had it. we used tea tree oil in there hair over night. expensive but works. I am feeling your pain on this one and wish I would have blogged it

  8. Love this post. My worst nightmare! You took it very well!

  9. I sympathize. We have nine kids and had lice last year and we all got it. And we used the olive oil treatment. I pray THAT NEVER happens again. LOL.