Saturday, August 20, 2011


Since I now have a camera bag that doubles as my purse, my camera is going everywhere with me lately.  Which is so cool, because then I can capture pictures like these during our everyday errands.  

Avery - with a texture added for a neat effect!

Favorite Fridays at Skinned KneesThe Daily Wyatt

and Audriana, with an antique tint added to soften it up a bit

I got these great shots today at Alex's soccer field while waiting for his practice to end.  Yep, just squeezing it in wherever I can!   Afterall,  photography is a fun way to kill time while you wait :)

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and then, she {snapped}


  1. what great photos and a incredibly beautiful family!!

  2. Great shots! Love the first one and the texture is so great!

  3. Love the first photo! Can you share the texture you used? I totally want to be a copy cat! =)

  4. Gorgeous photos and family! I love the texture on the first one!

  5. Those are really lovely. And what a great way to kill some time.