Wednesday, January 19, 2011

having a sucky day

So far the day has not been going so well.

Afton missed her permit test appointment at the DMV due to us not being able to find her original birth certificate.  My fault for not being organized and on top of things.  Her fault for not telling me she needed it until 15 minutes before we were heading out the door for the appointment.  She was beyond disappointed.  And now I'm stuck with the Mommy Guilt.

I got a $95 parking ticket this morning while parking near the kids' school.  The street was full of parked cars so I assumed it was okay to park there.  I even looked at the street sign right above me and it said NO PARKING BETWEEN THE HOURS of 7:30am and 8:15am.  It was 9:00am.  I spent the next two hours at the kids' school for "curriculum day".  The ticket was on my car when I got back.   Apparently I missed seeing the sign way down at the beginning of the street that read:  NO PARKING  1st and 3rd WEDNESDAY due to STREETS WEEPING.   Grrrrrrr..... that  is SO lame!  They should post the signs all along the street, many of them, not just one.  It was a very long street and not everyone enters this street from that side.  No wonder there were so many cars parked there -- all had tickets on their windshields, just like me.  

So far this day has cost me $95,  and I have a very disappointed fifteen-year-old.  

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