Thursday, November 18, 2010

I just love this family....

Sometimes when you have a large family, it can be a bit nerve-racking when you have to announce to family and friends that a new baby is on the way.  You know that not everyone supports your decision to have more than 3 kids, and so you worry just a little bit about the comments you might get when they learn baby #6 or #7 or #12 is on the way. 

I love how this family chose to share the news with their family & friends.  What a neat family.  It makes me wish they lived nextdoor to us!  (and NO...I am NOT pregnant!  I just came across this video and thought it was neat!  This is not MY announcement, LOL)

Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of this page to turn OFF my music before watching this video!
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  1. That was hilarious...thanks for sharing!

  2. i keep waiting for you to announce a pregnancy and yes, I thought this was it! :)

    the video never loaded for me but i have uber slow internet so that's probably why.

  3. Awesome, how clever and hilarious!!

  4. What a fun, beautiful family! Thanks for sharing - I might have to repost on FB, do you mind? If we EVER have another, we have to come up with something fun and creative like this. You are SOOOO right about being afraid to tell people - ugh!The only place we get any support is church. But if we sent everyone a cute, super cool video, we wouldn't have to listen to their comments! Great idea!

  5. Yes, post this on FB :)
    I can't remember where I found this video...but I've had it saved for a long time and I thought perhaps I had already posted it on my blog, but I can't find it in my archives, so I went ahead and posted it. It's truly one of my favorites:)

  6. Katrina, That is adorable! I just sent it to a couple I know - expecting their 7th.

  7. That made me smile. I needed that tonight. FAMILIES big and small are AWESOME!

    but I like BIG ones best!!!

  8. Cute!! We have done similar to this in the past to announce our 8th. The video is on youtube. My hubby made this little claymation video to announce we were expecting yet again. The family all had good to say. I guess I rather announce in ways I don't have to say it face to face because I just hate to look at peoples faces when we say we are preggo again...and no we are pregnant again. We are done. Our quiver is full!!

    Chris xoxo