Monday, October 25, 2010

Spiders! Spiders! Spiders!

Our house is infested with spiders!  Well, not the real kind, thank goodness.  But here's what our front porch looks like:

The kids and I made these spiders today.  Aren't they cute?  Well, as far as spiders go, that is. We started with syrofoam balls that I cut in half, and then we painted them black:

Even Aria had her own to paint!  She's one of the big kids now, afterall. 
She has to do everything they do.

Then we let them dry overnight.  The next step was done the next day: attaching the legs (sticking 8 cut pipe cleaners into the body)  and putting the eyes on (with glue).

We had quite the infestation going on! 
So much fun!  I love doing craft projects with my kids :)


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  1. What a scary beasts! I'm scared of spiders! What a nice idea, my kids love such craft works. It is not difficult? Cool photos!


  2. super cute idea! i want to go out and buy my supplies now!