Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crazy Hair

It was Crazy Hair Day at the elementary school.  I had to wake up earlier than usual this morning to make sure everyone had something crazy done to their hair.


Alex and Aislynn
(Aislynn was not happy with her crazy hair.)

Aria insisted on getting into the photos...
even though she doens't really have "crazy" hair,
just "bedhead" hair.

And this is Avery all dressed up for that night's
Trunk or Treating with her Girl Scout troop.
Doesn't she make a cute little witch? I think so!


  1. Looks like lots of fun. We should do some of that at home!

  2. I like these childs with crazy hair.

  3. Why is Aislynn so upset? Her crazy hair looks cute!

  4. Aislynn was upset that I didn't color her hair. She wanted pink or red or blue hair. She refused to be happy with her hair, so in all her pictures she looks so distraut. Ah can't please them all.

  5. Your kids are so gorgeous! They remind of the characters in the Dr. Seuss movies. So cute!