Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Remember Jordache Jeans?

I can't believe I found this old commercial on YouTube.
I was IN this commercial!!
I was 19.  I lived fairly close to Hollywood, had a Hollywood agent, and I modeled.
Okay, stop shaking your head - it's the truth, people!  This isn't a fiction blog.  This is the real deal.
Before I was married, before I had children, before I became MommyNineTimes...I was a hottie:)

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  1. Very remniscent of the Flashdance days! And you're still gorgeous!


  2. I'm in all the group shots -- running, dancing, etc. It all goes by really quick but in the final dancing scene I am the girl on the left dancing with the guy. I have a halter top on. My hair was shorter then. I had bangs, too. There is this one face shot that everyone thinks is me, but I'm really not sure if it is or not. It was so long ago!

  3. I was going to say that there is a face shot of you towards the end, but I'm not sure. So funny! And I don't doubt it that you were a hottie, you still are!

  4. I caught a face shot that sure looked like you! How cool! I was in commercials when I was a kid, but nothing like that, you hottie!!!