Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vacation 2010

We had an absolute blast on our vacation in Lake Mead. 
It couldn't have gone any better. 
The weather was perfect: nice and HOT with clear, blue skies. 
 It was awesome.   
At our campsite.  Check out the view we had -- so pretty!
We got the best campsite! It was a river view and there wasn't anyone on either side of us.
It was so quiet and peaceful. And so clean!
We will definitely be going back to this spot next year.

This was how pretty the lake was. Every single day. 
Gorgeous, isn't it? 
And it wasn't crowded.  I felt like we had the entire lake to ourselves.

We spent about 99.5% of our day IN the water.  It was so HOT there!

This is Aria, my two year old, jumping off the back of the boat. She's so brave!

Aria almost always fell asleep whenever we took a ride in the boat.

And here's A.J. making a typical A.J. facial expression. 
You have to know him to know what I'm talking about.

This photo shows how the drought has effected the water levels of the lake. 
The white marks on the mountian sides is where the water used to be.

 The captain of our boat! 
Rich actually would have preferred us get a deck boat
(they go much faster than pontoon boats!) 
but I was perfectly content with the speed of the pontoon. 
 I was in no hurry to get anywhere!

I don't quite know what it is about this picture that I love...
oh yes, it must be Rich, my handsome husband!

Rich points out the Hoover Dam

A.J. with the Hoover Dam in the background

In the water again! 

Rich's mom had fun floating around....Go Grandma Bernie!

We found a few coves and dropped our anchor for a while.

We were mostly all alone in the coves...except for this one goat who hung around to watch us swim.

Rich relaxing on the front of the boat

Time to eat!  Rich with his famous little grill that goes everywhere with us!

Afton & Aislynn

Audriana & Aria

Me at a viewpoint near our camp

And here is one of the few photos that Rich took! 
Yay, I'm actually in a group shot! 
 See?  They do have a mommy afterall...there I am! 
(I know you moms out there can relate)

The kids got along great on this trip and kept telling us that they were having so much FUN.  They asked quite a few times when we were coming we've decided to make this an annual summer trip :)  

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  1. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. Looks like you all had a great time. Beautiful pictures!

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  4. Those are some of the most beautiful family vacation pictures!!! As I browsed through, I could feel the good times and above all, the love.

  5. oh my gosh, great pics! love that spot. it is beautiful there! glad you guys had fun and found your secret hide out spot that you can visit each year :)

  6. The pictures look amazingly beautiful!

  7. what a beautiful family!!!
    beautiful pictures!!!
    i KNOW y'all had the BEST time.
    i get a 'little' scared when i see y'all in the water like that just because i'm sooooo super afraid of our 'waters' (mainly alabama)....
    we've got snakes, alligators - and some 'FA-reaky' snake-fishlike-alligator - type thingys.....
    very creepy......
    but you all looked very safe and happy!!
    so glad you had such a good time, and everyone is looking forward to their next trip!!!

  8. Wow...what a beautiful place! :) You guys are blessed!

  9. Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you