Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Photos around the House

Aria and her Daddy.  For some reason, Rich has always called Aria "Butter Butt".  Don't ask me why, because I don't know.  He has called her this since the day she was born.  But lately, he has been shortening it to just "Butter".  It's Butter this, and Butter that....but when he comes home, he always says, "Where's my Butter Butt??"  and she hears that and comes running.

Avery and Aislynn.  It's so nice when they play together like this instead of fighting.  (yes, my kids do fight from time to time!)


Our dining room table when there is no clutter or laundry on it.  This is such a rare occurance that I had to take a picture!

Simply exhausted!


  1. Aria is getting so big!! I always laugh at those shots of kids asleep in their high chairs. That's never happened with my kids. How do you tire them out? Seriously! I need to find out howto tire Taran out more.

  2. Your dining room is amazing! I love the colors!