Sunday, January 24, 2010

Funny Andrew

Last night Andrew made me laugh.  We were finishing up our dinner, and he was picking away at the food on his plate -- which had all the vegetables left on it -- and here is how the conversation went: 

Mommy...can I get up?
After you finish your food.
He frowns.
Will you finish it for me?
Me? No thanks.  I've got my own food.
He frowns again, then smiles at me.
I'll give you my dollar!   He had earned a dollar that night for helping out around the house.  It was still in his pocket, so he takes it out and shows it to me as proof of his offering.
I think a minute.
Naw...I don't need a dollar.  I need one hundred dollars.
He frowns.  He gives that some thought.
Then he looks at me with this serious expression and says,
Okay.  But first I have to go buy some.

I suppose he thinks we buy money with money.
I started laughing, and he got all mad at me.

Yes it are so funny, the things you say.  You crack me up.

and so I stop laughing, because the kid just can't take it. 
He's so ridiculously sensitive.  But so darn cute!
I ended up finishing his food for him.  I took the dollar as payment.
And then I offered to pay him one dollar for a kiss.
So he earned his dollar back.
Ahhh....just love this little guy!  At 3 years old, he just charms the pants off me :)

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