Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The First Day of School

Yes, I know these are late in posting, considering school started at the end of August.. What can I say except that I have nine kids and life gets busy? But beter late than never, right? That's my motto, anyway.

So here are photos that were taken on our first day of school this school year.  Notcie our new school room?  I love it because we can leave our stuff set up and come back to it.  Last year and previous years we had to use the kitchen table and most of the time we ate our meals around all the school work and books!  So this room is working out much better.

And then we have Aislynn who started preschool at the church.  She goes 3 afternoons a week and loves it.

She was a little nervous on her first day!

And my high school girls, ready for 9th and 10th grades.


  1. ok i was just looking at all your kiddos on the right side of your blog.....that can't be andrew!!! no way, just yesterday he was sitting in his high chair with long curls!!! gosh, time flies by sooo fast.

    your kids are so cute and you have an amazing family. i can only hope that my 3 turn out like any of your 3 ;)

  2. Katrina~I love your school room. Is it a separate room in your house? We are set up in the living room, dining room, bedrooms, o.k. all over the house, and I would love to set up a room just for school stuff.

  3. Deven ~ our new school room is acutally a little room off the master bedroom. That room used to be the baby's room. It also once used to be our tv room. But I just got so sick and tired of the kids school books and supplies all over the house, especially on our kitchen table where it seemed we either ate around the mess or had to shuffle it out of the way all the time. So now we have the small school room. There are windows on the one side of the wall and it's very bright, with a beautiful view of Dana Point and Laguna Niguel. It's a very cheerful room, and it's working out great. The little ones can play upstairs in their rooms and I can still keep an eye on them when we are doing school because the school room is upstairs, too. I try to make it a rule that no one goes downstairs while we are doing school work. It's easier to keep track of them all that way!