Sunday, October 25, 2009

Capturing the moment

I just love this photo.  I don't know why, but I just do.  Maybe it's the look on Aria's face, as she stares up, up, up at her bigger-than-life daddy.  She seems so small, in this photo, standing there next to her father.  And I can't help but to think ahead, as my mind often does....

One day he will be attending her soccer games
or her ballet performances. 
One day he will be driving her to a school dance
or taking her to the orthodontist to get her braces taken off. 
One day he will be shaking the hand of her future husband. 
And walking her down the aisle on her wedding day.
One day he will be pacing the waiting room as she delivers her first child. 

One day.

But right now, on this day....  she is 14 months old.
And she is looking up at him, with that look on her face.
She really just adores her daddy, and that makes me so happy.
And I was lucky enough, on this day, to capture that expression on her face.

God, I love cameras.


So today we had 4 soccer games to attend.  Plus one batting practice.  And then one birthday party at the end of the day.  A typical Saturday in this family.   First was A.J.'s soccer game.  Then Avery's.  Next was Alex's.  And finally, Afton's.  A.J. also had batting practice at the same time as Alex's game, and lucky for me, the batting field was right next to the field where Alex played.  So that was pretty cool.  I was able to watch Alex's game AND could see A.J. over at the baseball field.  When people ask me what my favorite sport is, the honest answer is whatever sport my kid is playing.  And that's the complete truth.  I love, love, love watching my kids compete!  They love it, I love it, their dad loves it.  We are a total sports family, and it's so much fun.  Of course, it makes for crazy weekends with all the games, and very busy week days with all the different practices.  Sometimes the games overlap, and it's crazy-busy. But it's all good.  If we get just one professional sports player out of it all, then it will have been worth it :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fourteen Months

I love this age...

Ebony & Ivory

Right now we have five children taking piano lessons.  Alex, Avery and A.J. each have a 1/2 hour lesson once a week with our piano teacher, Mrs. Baker.  Then Aislynn and Andrew each have a 15 minute lesson with her once a week.  I took piano lessons when I was younger, and my only regret is that I stopped taking lessons!  Yes, at age 13 - after 6 years of lessons - I QUIT!  What a mistake!  I loved playing the piano, and for the life of me I can't remember WHY I quit.  I know that I wasn't practicing like I should be, and I think that maybe I felt a bit guilty for wasting my mom's hard earned money on my lessons when I knew I wasn't giving it any priority.  So far my kids LOVE the piano and play often during the day.  Alex is especially into his music lessons.  He listens to classical music all the time and can't wait to play some of his favorites on the piano one day.  That is his motivation right now -- to play what he hears on his CD's.

Here he is helping Andrew with his lessons:

And here he is showing Aria
how to press the keys "softly" instead of banging!

Our next little piano player:)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Sandbox

We have a sandbox in our backyard that I both love and hate.
The kids play in it for hours.. which is very cool.
But then they come inside.
And there's sand in their hair.
In their clothing.
Between their toes.
And then I have sand everywhere in my house.
I don't mind it that much, because all I need to do is vacuum it up.
Which isn't really a big deal.
My problem is Rich.
He really  makes such a fuss over it.
Because, you know, he's like that.
Everything is a 10.
I love the guy, but come on....really?
Sand?  Really?  Is it really that big of a deal?
He'll get aggrivated if the kids come in and out without shaking all the sand of them.
If someone is caught inside the house with a grain of sand on them, it's like a major crime.
Talk about stressing us out!!
And it's too much work (and virtually impossible) to stand at the back door
and monitor that all. day. long.
I'd rather just let them come and and out....having fun.
And then remind them to shake the sand off.
And then whatever doesn't get shaken off and ends up on our carpet
I will vacuum up at the end of the day.
Let's face it --

We are dealing with ages 9, 8, 4, 3, and 14 months --
(those who still play in the sandbox)
and so they aren't going to always shake off all the sand.
It's a fact.  Sand will get into the house.
Let's just accept that fact and get on with life.
And thank God for the invention of the vacuum!

The Baby

Aria, age 14 months

The Baby is now...

climbing stairs on her own (scary!)

laughing whenever we laugh (so cute!)

climbing out of her crib (scary!)

holds a book open and babbles as if reading (so cute!)

running away from me when I say "come here"  (not so cute when I'm in a hurry)

arches her back and throws a fit whenever I try to put her into her carseat  (not cute at all, especially when I'm in a hurry!)

takes just one nap a day (such a bummer!)

always sleeps in bed with mommy (I love this....)

has never had a bottle (still loves mommy's milk:)

is 23 pounds and of course rear-facing in her carseat (wouldn't have it any other way!)

She might be our #9 child, but wow -- she is no less a thrill to us than the first baby:)
We are enjoying her sooooooooo much!
Aria is such a blessing to our family!

Being Four

Aislynn, age 4

She loves....

going to preschool
playing house
dressing up in fancy clothes
kicking a soccer ball
sleeping in mommy's bed
playing with her baby sister
getting her toenails painted
playing with friends