Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Up Late

It's 2:30 in the morning, and I haven't gone to sleep yet.

Why, you ask?
Well, I am up with Aria.

See, here's the deal with her: she won't sleep soundly unless I'm lying in the bed next to her so that she can feel me, hear me, smell me (which I've stated before in a previous post)

So what happens every night is this:
I lay with her on my bed.
She falls asleep.
I lift her out of my bed and put her into her crib.
I get happy that I am FREE to do things around the house.
15-20 minutes pass and she wakes up crying.
I go into her room and pick her up.
I lay with her in my bed again.
She falls asleep.
And it repeats.
This goes on all night long every 15 to 20 minutes.
Until I finally just give up and lay down in bed next to her and just fall asleep with her.
Then I wake up in the morning to a house that never really got cleaned well, because of all the interruptions from Aria.
Yea, I've created a monster.
I know.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back from NTC !

I went to Vegas last week for Arbonne's National Training Celebration. What a busy few days that was! I brought Aria with me, too. So she sat on my lap during the trainings and all that. She was extremely good. Very happy. I was glad that I brought her because seriously, I just would have missed her too dang much if I had left her at home.

We have an amazing NEW product line that gets rid of age spots and discolorations on the skin, without bleaching! So it works for any skin tone. What it does is it works under the skin where the melonin is over-producing and stops that process, and then it fades the age spot/discoloration. Without anymore melonin over-producing under the skin and with the fading on top of the skin, the area is soon back to normal and blends in with your normal skin color. Very cool science behind the whole thing, and of course as with all Arbonne's products, it's safe to use. It's now available online, and I can't wait to get it out there to my clients. The line is called Revelage and there are 4 products in the line.

I don't usually plug my business on my blog, but oh my gosh our products just ROCK and I can't help it this time!  You want to order some?  Just go to www.myarbonne.com/katrina and they will be shipped right to your door :)

So anyhoo....

It's been super-duper HOT lately! Today was about 98 degrees! I'm sorta loving it, though.

The other day I walked/jogged with Afton. I believe we went about 2 miles. Um...no good for me. The pelvis just ain't there yet (from Aria's birth, some of you remember...she came out sunnyside up and that did a number on me) It's actually just cartilege that needs to heal, but it sure takes a long time. It's not the walking that bothers me, it's the pounding on the pavement when I run that does me in. I guess it's just not my time for that. Perhaps in another month or two.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

She's 8 today!

Happy Birthday to my Avery Clare! She is eight years old today. Here's a Top Ten list of things you should know about Avery:

10) She was born just 12 minutes after her oldest brother's birthday!
9) She has a tendancy to curl up wherever she finds a quiet spot and falls asleep. We call her "the cat" because of that.
8) Her middle name is Clare, after my grandmother.
7) She has a great fashion sense and knows how to dress herself for any occasion.
6) She says that when she grows up she wants to be a hair sylist. I can totally see her doing this, too. She would be great at it.
5) She is known for going into "shut down mode" where she just won't talk to anyone or respond to anything. This is usually because we did something or said something to make her mad.
4) She didn't eat solid food until she was 10 months old.
3) When she was born, the first thing I noticed was her big, floppy feet. They reminded me of rabbit feet. She still has big feet, and she's very tall.
2) When she was four, she ran up behind my horse and spooked him, and he kicked out and one of his hooves punched Avery right in the stomach and sent her flying. A doctor confirmed that nothing inside was hurt, thank God for that. Ever since then she has been extremely cautious around horses!
1) She has been playing tennis for two and a half years and is very good!

Avery has requested a slumber birthday party with a few of her friends! This will be her first slumber party and she has been waiting to turn eight for a couple years now because I told her she had to be at least eight to have a slumber party. We will probably have the party at the beginning of May because Afton's State Cup finals are this weekend and might go into next weekend as well.

Well, I'm off to fix the Birthday Girl a nice breakfast!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

My day started at 1:30am when I woke up to set out all the Easter stuff. I had nine baskets to fill. (Well, since Tony will be 18 years old tomorrow... he didn't get a basket but I still set out some candy for him, one of which was a huge foil wrapped chocolate race car...just a little joke because he wants a car so badly, so that's the closest that he's going to get to one until he gets a J.O.B.)

Okay, so here's how my day went: Went to bed at 10:30pm Saturday and woke up at 1:30am. I sorted out all the candy and goodies, put them in the baskets, started a load of laundry, cleaned the dishes and pans that were in the sink... and then before I knew it the time was 3:00am and so I was still wide awake and I figured might as well boil all the eggs for the egg coloring we will do on Easter. So I started that, and then the wash was ready to be put into the dryer. While that all was going on, Aria woke up so I had to lay with her to put her back to sleep. Surprisingly, I did not fall asleep while doing that. Once she was sleeping again, I got the eggs out and started the next batch. I folded the laundry and started another load. Then I sat on the couch and just sat there listening to my quiet house. Did you know a quiet house full of nine sleeping children made a sound to listen to? Well it does. I can't even describe it, but it's one of my most favorite of all sounds. Kinda like a dull ringing in my ear...very slight. Strange, I know. Perhaps it's just my ears winding down after a normally loud day with kids? Hmmm.

Anyway, Aria woke up again and I put her to sleep again. I swear if that baby doesn't "feel" me "smell" me "hear" me next to her all night long, it rouses her from sleep! So spoiled, she is. But I love it.

Okay, so I folded all the laundry, took out the last batch of boiling eggs and set them out to dry, finished up with all the baskets and then took pictures of all the baskets set out so that I can remember what it all looked like before the troops came in the morning to shred every little bit of evidence of my late night labors.

It was then 5:00 am. I could hear birds chirping outside, yet it was still very dark.

I take one last look around -- was everything ready? The camcorder was on the charger getting ready for the day, and the camera was loaded with a new roll of film (yes,I still love my 35 mm !!) and I was finally ready to go to bed for the second time. So I crawled into bed with Aria, and we snuggled up next to Rich. Of course he woke up and asked, "Are you just now coming to bed?" and I just whispered a "Shhhhhhhh" to him...I was so tired and I didn't even want to talk. I began drifting off to sleep...

Then the alarm went off at 5:30! Ugh! I was almost asleep, and the dang alarm went off! And Rich got up to start his day. (he was going to be home with us for Easter but just wanted to get an early start, go to the store for breakfast, etc) So I finally went back to sleep.

Then at 6:30am I woke to Andrew's yelling, "I'm UP! Mommy, I'm UP! I want OUT! Mommy! I'm UP now! I want out! I want out! Mommy! Get me out!" I kept calling, "Okay, Buddy...in two minutes..." because seriously, I did not even want to open my eyes yet much less get up out of the warm bed, lift him out of his crib, change his wet diaper, etc...so I kept trying to get him to just stay in his crib. But nope. That just made him yell louder. "I want OUT! I want OUT! Get me Ouuuuuuuut!!!" and so I had to get him out of his crib because HE. WILL. NOT. STOP. until I do. So I set him on the couch at the foot of my bed and turn on the tv. And I move quickly and get back into bed, snuggling up against Aria.

Ahhh, back in the cozy bed! Yes...

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew Andrew was still sitting on the couch but this time I could see stuff all over his face.

What IS all that stuff?


Dang, I forgot about all the Easter stuff downstairs!!

That little stinker went downstairs while I was sleeping and got into a few of the baskets and ate the chocolate bunnies! Bummer!! I am not worried about the baskets but more annoyed that I had to get up! Ugh.

Downstairs: Foil wrapping everyone. I was able to clean up the mess and replace the bunnies, wiped off Andrew's hands and face... and then I crawled back into bed after sitting him on the couch again and hoping this time he'll stay put.

I must have fallen asleep again... because the next thing I knew it was 8:30am and most of the kids were awake, and we woke up the rest of them and everyone got their Easter baskets. I was a total zombie, but a shower woke me up.

We went to church at 11:00am. We got there early and were able to sit all together and took up an entire row of seats. Both Andrew and Aria fell asleep during the service. Rich held Andrew and I held Aria.

After the service, I had all the kids with me standing in the crowd on the dirt/grass lawn in front of our church waiting for Rich to bring the van around. Meanwhile, behind me Andrew was playing around and the next thing I knew some man and woman were looking annoyed and kept looking over at us, and finally the man told me that someone just threw this chunk of cement at his wife's head and it hit her in the back of the neck. Well, that totally took me by surprised because I wasn't even aware that any of my kids were playing with cement fragments or rocks -- they were standing right next to me. (of course, Andrew is always a fart in a bottle and running around, but he was near me and I swear I never saw him picking up rocks.)

So I said, "Oh!!" and turned to my boys and said, "Who threw a rock?" and both Alex and A.J. shook their heads. Andrew was grabbing onto my legs and hiding behind them, at which time a little girl pointed at him and said, "He's the one. I saw him throw it." and the man and his wife said that was impossible, that one of the older boys must have thrown it, because Andrew was too little to have enough strength to lift a big rock and launch it into the air like that, and I said, "Well, actually, he is very strong and could do that..." so I tried to pull Andrew from my legs to ask him if he did it, but his actions told me that he did. I asked the woman if she was okay about 10 times and she just kept with her angry face and said "Well...it doesn't feel good to be hit by a rock..." whine whine whimper whimper, and I kept saying how sorry I was, (it's not like she was hurt, people..I mean, I saw her. No blood, no foul, right?) She must be someone who didn't like toddlers or something because I swear if it were me, I would not have acted like such a B about it. She could tell I felt awful, she could see the toddler hiding in shame behind my legs who refused to let go or even peek out from under his cover.

The man kept asking my older boys, "Did you throw this rock at my wife's head?" even though he had witnesses say they saw Andrew do it, and my boys already said NO, it wasn't them. (You could tell he just really wanted it to be one of the older boys -- easier to be angry with older boys and blame the parents for bad parenting than it is to get mad at a toddler who doesn't know any better, I guess!)

Rich pulled up with the van and I had to start loading kids into it, but I was NOT leaving until I heard either her or her husband accept my appology -- I mean, what did they want? to exchange insurance information? sheesh!

So finally I said to the husband, "Look, I'm really sorry my 2 year old threw that rock. He's so quick, I wasn't aware he was even picking rocks up. Had I known, I would have stopped him."

and then he finally said, "Well...boys will be boys." and smiled. He smiled. So, I took that as accepting my appology (even though his wife was still rubbing the back of her neck and look annoyed) and I got into the van and we drove off.

Nice way to leave Easter services!

Okay, is just me, or was that woman just milking it a bit? She was NOT hurt that bad, people. I saw. The rock wasn't all that big. Well, okay maybe it was a pretty good size...but still. She was still standing, right? Obviously the blow to the head wasn't too severe if she was still standing. And remember, there was no blood. Get over it, already! She acted like she was the victim of a stoning or something.

And who can be mad at my little Andrew? with that long, flowing hair. He looks like a Greed God, people, come on... he's such a sweet thing, really. Yea, so he throws 3 pound rocks into the air with force, and aims them at unsuspecting women. Does that make him the Devil? I think not.

So the rest of our Easter day was nice. My mom came over and we had an egg hunt with the kids. And then we colored Easter eggs. And then we ate some good food. My nephew Phillip spent the day with us, too. He just moved out here from Nevada and will be living near us. We will probably be seeing more of him now, which is cool.

When my mom was leaving, we were all gathered around her car while Rich was giving it a quick wash, and we were all talking about Twilight (my mom is reading the 3rd book now) and then Audriana mentioned that she had the movie and watches it all the time, and my mom said she would have to borrow it because she'd like to see it sometime. And I looked over at her and asked, "Have you not seen the movie Twilight?" and I spoke in a compete British accent -- it was weird!!! It just came out!! I didn't think to do that, and I didn't think to word it that way, it just came out of my mouth. And as soon as it did, everyone looked at me and I looked at everyone with a surprised look and I said, "WHAT was THAT?!!" and I'm telling you and I hope you believe me when I say this....I did NOT try to sound like that! It was seriously like a British person possessed me for a moment and took over my mouth. W.E.I.R.D. Very.

Okay, gotta go.......