Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grrrr...... I'm done with New Moon (the second of the Twilight series, for those of you who don't recognize the title) and I'm all searching the house for the third book. After a while, I asked Audriana where she thought the book might be.

"Well...." she says
"Well what?" I say
"I sorta lent it out."
"You lent it out! To who?!!"
"To my friend Brooke"
"OH MY GOSH! Now what am I supposed to do??! Audriana! How could you do that!!"
"I know, mom -- I'm sorry. But I gave it to her back before you even started reading Twilight. I thought she'd be finished by now."

Grrrrr.... I'm so upset!!

I know, I sound totally lame, but seriously.... to be just cut off like that!

I'm dying!

Her friend is just in the beginning of book, too. Apparently she's had it for a while now but is a rather slow reader. Ugh.

So should I demand she get the book back from her friend ASAP no matter if she's finished with it or not???

I bought the books -- ME -- they are mine. I bought them so that me and the girls could read them.

But Audriana doesn't want to make her friend upset or mad or hurt her feelings by asking for the book back.

Does anyone have a copy of the third book that I can borrow!!!?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I finally read Twilight!

Can you believe how long it took me?

It didn't take me long to read it -- just to committ to reading it. I started it on Friday and finished sometime on Sunday. We went camping this weekend, and in between all the camping stuff I was able to read.

Anyway, I totally loved the book and can't wait to start the next one.

I'm having vampire dreams, now. In my dreams I am Bella and always trying to convince Edward to change me into a vampire. Halarious.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lesson Learned

Would everyone agree that I am a good mom, a careful mom? For those of you who know me, I think this is what your opinion of me would be.

Well...let me tell you a mistake I made yesterday. But PLEASE do not judge! It could have happened to you:)


Okay, so here's the story:

Aria (6 months) hadn't been sleeping all day. She's just at that age where she wants ME to sleep next to her. So the moment she feels me slide away, she wakes up. When I try to transfer her into her crib, she wakes up. So it had been one of those days, and on our way home from picking up the girls from school, she fell into a sound sleep in her carseat. So we all got out of the car, and I placed her carseat on top of the dryer in our laundry room so that the vibration would keep her sleeping.

Now I'm going to stop right here and ask for a show of hands -- how many of you out there have done the same thing??? Am I the only one? For years now -- and um, that would be 17 almost 18 years of having babies around -- I have been putting the infant seat on the dryer when baby is sleeping because they just sleep SO GOOD that way.

Okay, so back to the story.

I put her up there, and then shut the laundry room door, and continue with my mom stuff around the house. I put Andrew in his crib for a nap.... I am starting to hear peace in the house...all is good.

Then about 10 - 15 minutes later, Avery comes to me and is holding Aria in her arms.

"Oh...she woke up?" I say,a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to the break. It's not unusual for Avery or Alex to get Aria out of her crib or carseat when she has woken up, so I don't think much of it.

"Mom!" Avery says, "Aria was up on the washing machine!"

"I know, Honey. I put her up there."

"You did? Mom, that's dangerous!"

"No... she was sleeping. She was safe."

Now Avery is truly angry at me. She says, "Mom! That is NOT safe. She could have fallen!"

I'm confused now. I say, "She was buckled in. She was safe. What are you talking about?"

"Mom! I heard her making noise in the laundry room, so I went in there, and she was crawling around on top of the washing machine!"


So I go to the laundry room, and sure enough, there is her seat and it is tipped forward. The edge of the seat is caught in the groove between the washer and dryer. It's pitched forward.

Now, I know for a FACT that she was buckled into her seat.
Andrew was asleep in his crib.
Who is next in line as far as maturity goes.....

I yell, "Aislynn! Aislynn, come here right now!" (the 4 year old)

She comes out of her room.

"Aislynn, " I say, "Did you go into the laundry room and unbuckle the baby?"

She doesn't answer.

"The truth, Aisy..."


"OH MY GOSH !! Why did you DO that!"

Oh, I was so mad. She explained that she "didn't know" of course. But she went in there, climbed up and unbuckled Aria. Aria was still sleeping, so she just climbed back down and went on her merry way. Meanwhile, Aria's seat was tipped forward and she was not buckled in. So when she woke up not too long after that, she just climbed right out, and was exploring the tops of the washer and dryer, crawling around and cooing to herself, which is what Avery heard. Avery went in the laundry room and grabbed Aria off the top of the washer and brought her to me.

And that's the story.

Am I seriously LUCKY??
You bet.
Will I be doing that again?

All these years I suppose I just never had an Aislynn who would think of unbuckling a sleeping baby from her infant seat while on top of the dryer.

Lesson Learned.

Sad :(

Rich just called and at work they had a call on a 2 month old baby -- SIDS.


Breaks my heart. Makes me hug and kiss Aria even more. My sweet 6 month old. And all my kids. Thankfully they all made it through infancy okay.

I feel bad for Rich, too...and the nurses at the hospital ((((Sheryl and KiKi))) and all the crew Rich works with. Going on calls that involve babies are especially hard on them. Especially when they turn out like this.

Hug your kids often, people - life is uncertain!

Go'n Crazy

Rich has been gone 4 days at work -- tomorrow he comes home just to say hello and goes to Super Cross for the entire day/night. Of course he bought tickets for it months back and had no idea he'd be coming off a 4 straight day at work schedule (due to overtimes, of course) but nonetheless......... I'm going just a tad bit crazy with the kids. Alex and A.J have been physically fighting as sometimes brothers do. But for anyone who knows A.J... he gets "the rage" and just beats the tar out of his older brother -- or tries to, at least. And then Alex, although he is getting pulverized by flying fists, laughs the entire time, which just enrages A.J even more. The other day I had to bring all the kids to a doctor visit and left the big kids in the waiting room. I was gone no more than two minutes when the receptionist calls me in to tell me my boys are fighting. I go back in the waiting room and there are my two boys, rolling around on the floor, in a wrestle hold, trying to get punches in as they tumble. I had to grab each by the ear and pull them apart...and Alex is laughing while A.J.'s face is all red from rage.

Okay, so I'm a tad bit worried. What kind of boys am I raising? Where does this come from? And a moment after the "fight" they are buds again. I trip out on that.

Boys are hard in some ways and easier in others.

Because with my girls -- a disagreement can lead to not talking to each other for weeks. Afton and Audriana are constantly giving each other digs, always nasty to each other. I often tell them that if they treated their friends this way that they would have no friends. I wake up to them arguing, and I go to bed with them ignoring each other. They simply don't get along at all. It makes me sad, but what can I do?

Anyway, so it's Friday and I'm DONE! Right now it's just past noon and I have everyone in their rooms with doors shut. I just need a little peace. I'm behind on our bills (thanks to my office being all over the house) and our house insurance is due so I have to find that paperwork, my horse insurance policy has expired and I need to look that up to renew because of course he doesn't get hurt when I have it but the moment I don't he will get caught up in a fence or something, and we are in the middle of a refinance, and new renters are moving in to our rentals so I need to find the rental agreement papers (which of course are in my office that doesn't exist anymore), and I could just go on and on with all the stuff I have to do and how behind I am in everything.

Complain, complain.

Well one good's raining! Yay! Sounds backwards, but I love the rain! I could listen to it forever. I especially like lying in bed at night, listening to the rain. I love looking out my house windows at the rain, at the wet sidewalks and streets. Rain is good. I believe it's supposed to thunderstorm tonight!! How fun!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sad :(

In the town next to ours a little 4 year old girl drowned in the family's front loading washing machine. Apparently she climbed in it, and her 15 month old brother came along, shut the door and started pressing buttons. The machine turned on and automatically locked, and the cycle began. By the time the mother heard the thumping noise, the girl had been in there a few minutes. The mother could not get the door open because if there is water filled in the machine, the door cannot be opened. She called 911 and I think after about 7 minutes they got her out. She was rushed to the ER but was unable to be revived.

Now, not only is this incredibly sad... but man, I can see how this could happen. Aislynn is four years old. I do not follow her around the house watching her every move. Not at that age. And I have Andrew running around, a toddler. I keep a close eye on him, but still. There are times I ask the kids to watch him while I'm doing something else. And he presses the buttoms to our front loading machine all the time, and it drives me nuts. He's always starting a load with nothing in it. We chose not to get the pedestals that make the machines taller because I like having the tops of them for a shelf to fold clothes on. I'm thinking we are going to have to do something, now...because this story is a wake-up call. I think they have locks of some sort so kids cannot start the washer? (If anyone knows, let me know)

Where Have I Been?

Well, for those of you who follow my're probably wondering WHY I don't blog much lately. The truth is that my computer has a virus and here is what happens: windows pop up all the time telling me I have a corrupt files and all that, and I have to exit all the pop up windows before I can get anything done. Then after 3 minutes the computer goes "beep!" and the screen turns blue with all this writing on it. Then it turns to a black Windows screen and holds like that for about 48 seconds. Then it beeps again, and I'm back to the thing I was working on before. This happens, seriously, every 3 minutes. So, as I type this...I will be interupted every 3 minutes to go through that entire process. What a PAIN!! And the computer usually locks up during this time, too...and I'll have to turn off the computer. Then, to get it on again -- well, that could take up to 5 minutes. I have to turn it on, turn it off, turn it on...wait...oh, that didn't work so I turn if off again and try it once more until I can get back on and I hear that "'ve got mail" and then sometimes, even after I hear that and I think I'm home free -- it locks up right away again.

I tell you, it's been fun having to deal with this.


Audriana and Afton now have their own rooms, after sharing together since Afton was born. At age 16 and 13, it was time to split them up. Good news for them, bad news for me... because Audriana is now in what used to be my office. Do you know where my office is right now? All over the house. It's a mess, and I'm totally unorganized. I hate it. But, good news! Our back casita house is being converted into my office. We just finished putting in wood floors and transferring all the cabinets back there, so it should be nice once it's done. But bad news -- Rich is finishing up the rest of knows when it will actually be completed. I have the feeling I'll be scattered throughout the house for a while yet. ::::sigh::::

Aria is crawling on hands and knees! She started crawling just before she turned 6 months old. She's the cutest little thing, crawling all over the house. She is a very smiley baby -- everytime she sees me she breaks out in this huge smile, which just melts my heart big time.

Audriana had her big Sweet Sixteen Birthday Bash on her birthday (January 31) -- we rented out our community club house and she invited about 27 of her friends, plus we had family there, too. We hired a DJ to play and the kids danced all night. Audriana requested that everyone get dressed "Hollywood Style" and so all her friends had on fancy dresses, and the guys were dressed up, too. I'll have to post pictures of that party later, because I used film of I need to put the photos on a disk..

We were stressing a bit last week because both our rentals were vacant -- we were going to have to cover the mortgages ourselves and that would have been a huge bummer for us -- but luckily, they rented just a few days ago! Yea! We have never had both tennants move out in the same month it was a bit stressful. Anyway, all is good now.

We are refinancinig and dropping a point on our main house mortgage -- very cool, lowers our payment about $300-something a month! It's such a pain to do a refi, though... getting all the forms faxed over and paycheck stubs and insurance papers and all that. I always procrastinate big time getting all that stuff together. What I love about doing a refi is that you can skip your mortgage payment a few months until it's all finalized. Yes, I know it's all the same because it's incurred in the new loan... but still...I just enjoy that little break of not having to pay out the mortgage for a couple months :)

Okay, so we have a teen driver in the family! Tony got his permit a couple weeks ago. Yikes!! But since he lives over in Temecula now and we see him only on weekends, he hasn't driven with me yet. I'm thinking he can just practice with his parents over there until he gets really good, and THEN he can drive with me:) They can get all the gray hairs.... ha ha! They say he's doing really well, but tends to hug to the right a bit, and looks at oncoming cars too much. Well, he'll get the hang of it soon enough. We all do, eventually.

Avery and Aislynn have been busy making lemonade and orange juice lately. Avery got a little citrus juicer for Christmas, and my mom has been giving us tons of oranges and lemons from her backyard trees.... so the girls will juice them and then we freeze the juice (because there's too much to drink all at once) And we have had fresh lemonade for about a week now, and orange juice, too! I like it! Except wow, do you need to add a lot of sugar to the lemonade!!

A.J. started baseball, and this is his second year. He doesn't have to hit off a Tee anymore. This year it's "coach pitch" for him, which is better because he's much better at hitting when he is pitched to. The T-thing always threw him off. Anyway, he had his first practice last Saturday and he cracked that ball WAY over everyone's head, way out into the outfield. A.J. has always had supreme hand-eye coordination, and we were just waiting to see which sport he took to. I think baseball just might be it...? We'll see. The kid's only 5, afterall. Well, he will turn 6 in March. Hey, he lost his first tooth yesterday at school and they sent it home in a little baggie with a, "I lost my tooth in school" sticker on it, which I thought was pretty cool. He put it under his pillow and this morning showed us the two dollars that the Tooth Fairy left him.

The Tooth Fairy always leaves us $2 per tooth around here... what does she leave your family? It's been $2 ever since Tony lost his first tooth. You'd think the Tooth Fairy had never heard of inflation before! Sheesh!

Well, Aria woke from her nap and is I better go. I'll post updated photos soon.

Okay, my computer glitched 14 times since I started this blog entry. Would YOU put up with it for as long as I have??? I bet you would have gotton it fixed by now, huh? Well not me...but it's on the list.......