Sunday, October 25, 2009


So today we had 4 soccer games to attend.  Plus one batting practice.  And then one birthday party at the end of the day.  A typical Saturday in this family.   First was A.J.'s soccer game.  Then Avery's.  Next was Alex's.  And finally, Afton's.  A.J. also had batting practice at the same time as Alex's game, and lucky for me, the batting field was right next to the field where Alex played.  So that was pretty cool.  I was able to watch Alex's game AND could see A.J. over at the baseball field.  When people ask me what my favorite sport is, the honest answer is whatever sport my kid is playing.  And that's the complete truth.  I love, love, love watching my kids compete!  They love it, I love it, their dad loves it.  We are a total sports family, and it's so much fun.  Of course, it makes for crazy weekends with all the games, and very busy week days with all the different practices.  Sometimes the games overlap, and it's crazy-busy. But it's all good.  If we get just one professional sports player out of it all, then it will have been worth it :)

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  1. You're brave to let them do all those sports! I love it, too! We have a swim meet next Saturday that 3 of our kids will be swimming in.