Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Baby

Aria, age 14 months

The Baby is now...

climbing stairs on her own (scary!)

laughing whenever we laugh (so cute!)

climbing out of her crib (scary!)

holds a book open and babbles as if reading (so cute!)

running away from me when I say "come here"  (not so cute when I'm in a hurry)

arches her back and throws a fit whenever I try to put her into her carseat  (not cute at all, especially when I'm in a hurry!)

takes just one nap a day (such a bummer!)

always sleeps in bed with mommy (I love this....)

has never had a bottle (still loves mommy's milk:)

is 23 pounds and of course rear-facing in her carseat (wouldn't have it any other way!)

She might be our #9 child, but wow -- she is no less a thrill to us than the first baby:)
We are enjoying her sooooooooo much!
Aria is such a blessing to our family!


  1. She's adorable! My baby turns 1 today and has just started trying to climb stairs- she's not walking yet, though.