Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Little Three Year Old

Tuesday, June 30th
Andrew turns 3 years old!!

For his birthday he wanted to go see a movie. We took him to see UP.

My mom came with us to help celebrate.

I was so proud of my little 3 year old!

Picking out some candy.

In line for popcorn and candy.

Andrew in his movie seat!

We had some good seats -- the theatre was practically empty.

Okay...saw this poster and couldn't help myself. Nothing to do with Andrew's birthday, I know. But check it out!

So then back at home -- presents!!!

New boots!

Avery gave him a Disneyland lollipop that she bought with her own money!

Dinosaurs from Grandma!

A.J. watches Andrew open presents.

and.....the CAKE!

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

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  1. Gosh - I can't believe Andrew is 3 already! I miss his long hair - it's like the last of the baby in him went with it.