Friday, June 12, 2009

June Gloom

It wasn't exactly a sunny day, but we decided to take a short trip down to our local beach in our motorhome for a few hours before sunset. We bundled up and made the best of the famous "June Gloom" -- the kids didn't mind at all. Alex, Avery, A.J. and Aislynn all got into their swimsuits and went into the waves, got all wet and cold, full of sand. You know, all that fun stuff that you like to do as a kid but not so much as an adult (and I'm talking about getting wet, cold, full of sand on a cold day when you don't have clothes to change into -- kids don't seem to mind that!)

Here is Afton, all cozy in her sweatshirt.

Aria had fun playing in the sand.

Aria was very interested in the waves

Me and Andrew

Afton, Alex, Avery, Andrew, Aislynn and Audriana with Dad.

After a quick run in the waves, A.J. spent the rest of the time in the motorhome. He was tired for some reason, and a bit grumpy and not wanting to get into any of these photos. Oh well... there's always one!


  1. Looks like it was a fun time! Aria is so pretty in her dress! The pictures are great!

  2. How fun! Looks like everyone had a good time...I'm sure even A.J.! You should have snuck a picture of him inside the motorhome, all grumpy... :)


  3. Cute! Guess you can't have that many w/ ONE being Grumpy! haha