Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sad :(

In the town next to ours a little 4 year old girl drowned in the family's front loading washing machine. Apparently she climbed in it, and her 15 month old brother came along, shut the door and started pressing buttons. The machine turned on and automatically locked, and the cycle began. By the time the mother heard the thumping noise, the girl had been in there a few minutes. The mother could not get the door open because if there is water filled in the machine, the door cannot be opened. She called 911 and I think after about 7 minutes they got her out. She was rushed to the ER but was unable to be revived.

Now, not only is this incredibly sad... but man, I can see how this could happen. Aislynn is four years old. I do not follow her around the house watching her every move. Not at that age. And I have Andrew running around, a toddler. I keep a close eye on him, but still. There are times I ask the kids to watch him while I'm doing something else. And he presses the buttoms to our front loading machine all the time, and it drives me nuts. He's always starting a load with nothing in it. We chose not to get the pedestals that make the machines taller because I like having the tops of them for a shelf to fold clothes on. I'm thinking we are going to have to do something, now...because this story is a wake-up call. I think they have locks of some sort so kids cannot start the washer? (If anyone knows, let me know)


  1. This is just awful! How awful for that mother not being able to get the door open to save her child!!! I am not sure what they have to avoid the button pushing on the washing machine - I checked out One Step Ahead in their childproofing section but didn't see anything there.

  2. I thought there was a way to cancel it? Adam will do that to ours when he forgets to put a shirt in or something and it drives me crazy because all the water drains and then it has to fill back up again. I tell him he's wasting water.

    I have not heard of the lock either. I got the pedastools and am so glad I did. I still use the top to store our recycling bins and the pedastools have drawers so all my laundry soap and dryer sheets stay in there.

    Very sad story. I can't even imagine what the mother is going through right now.

  3. This sent chills down my spine. I don't think I ever want one of those now.

  4. This story made me realize how many "hazards" there are around our home. I am going to look into getting some sort of lock for our washer, drier, freezer (in the garage) and toilet. I can't be everywhere at once and I want to know that my children are safe.