Friday, April 18, 2008

Our Cool Little Dude

Look at Andrew in his cool shades, kicking back on his elbow all cool and tough...........

But you need to know the "behind the scenes" story of this photo.....

He actually fell asleep in his highchair and his older brothers and sisters found a way to mess with him by putting on the sunglasses and propping him up on his elbow!!!
So Funny! I love this picture!!! (Ahhh...being the youngest in the family, you sometimes get messed with!)

Avery Turns 7 !!!!

Seven candles on her birthday cake this year!!!
I can't believe it. I know we moms always say that we "can't believe it" when our children are growing up, as if we weren't there all along as it was happening...but still. I can remember when Avery was learning to talk and walk. Time just goes by too quickly. Now Avery is learning to read and write...and more. She's a very sweet girl and so unique in her own way. Avery's trademark in the family is that she gets tired at the of the day and always falls asleep before the rest of us, usually on the couch. And she rarely ever sleeps in her own bed. She either sleeps with Afton in her bed, or on the couch, or sometimes in our bed. She's our little vagabon, our drifter...from bed to bed each night.

Avery wanted to go to Build A Bear on her birthday.

She invited her little sister to join her! (later in the month we are having a birthday party with Avery's friends)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Kid Pics

Our five youngest eating ice cream cones -- Alex, Avery, A.J., Aislynn and Andrew

Avery and Andrew

Avery, Andrew and A.J.

Alex and Avery

Andrew enjoys his cone -- makes a mess with it, but it's all good.

Alex and A.J. at the park....

Alex with his big smile :)

Aislynn playing in the sand....

Andrew with a funny look on his face -- but do you see that hair??!! I love his hair.

"NTC 2008" Atlanta, GA

Our National Training Convention was awesome this year! This is the view from my hotel room -- we were on the 62nd floor -- quite the view!!

If you look at the buildings out there, you will see the windows boarded up from the Tornado damage. Just 4 weeks before we arrived in Atlanta, they had their first ever tornado rip through downtown. While we were there we saw a lot of construction going on doing all the repairs.

Here is Susan and Katherine posing in front of the Mercedes-Benz -- this is the model that Susan wants to get once she is RVP !!!

Here is Ann Marie on the shuttle bus. The walk from our hotel to the convention center was quite long, so Arbonne provided shuttle buses for us to take to and from.

We took the subway from the hotel to the airport -- and here is Michele waiting for the train to pull up. I thought it was neat that we were underground and all the tunnels were carved from the rock. Nope, I don't go on the subway much...can you tell? Things like this are an interest to me, while for others they are routine and normal.

Su and Kath

Me and Ann Marie...with the Arbonne stage behind us.

Me and my awesome Temecula Districts...future NVP's !!!!

The Georgia Dome is where we held the convention...and it had a lot of damage from the tornado. This is a shot of the front with all the windows gone and boarded up.

Again in front of the Mercedes -- I'm 6 months pregnant here...but where's the belly? Black really hides a lot, don't you think??!!

Tim McGraw

Arbonne had Tim McGraw do a private performance for us after the last awards ceremoney of our convention. It was pretty cool! I sat right down in front at the stage. He walked right past me whenever he'd walk down the runway. He did a great concert! It was a lot of fun.