Sunday, March 30, 2008

I think we have a name....

As you all know, we had a boy's name all picked out for the new baby. His name would have been Aiden. But a boy is not coming....a girl is. And that makes it more of a challenge because our girls have unusual names, and to keep with the theme of that we needed to find a girl's name that is not common. Not "made up" or anything, but something that at least isn't such a common, well-known name that you hear all the time.

So then another challenge is getting Rich to agree with what I like, and him getting me to agree with what he likes. And that can be hard as well.

I've been thinking of a particular name for this baby girl for a while now -- ever since the ultrasound ...and have been hesitant to tell Rich for fear he'd veto it right away. I was secretly becoming attached to the name and already referring to the baby with that name (in my thoughts, not out loud) So the other day I finally mentioned the name to Rich...and to my surprised he said the name a few times slowly, and then he smiled and said he liked it!

So yay! We found a name!!

I've heard this name only once. My friend Joan has two daughter's and the youngest has this name. The name is found in a baby book.


Gender: Feminine

Usage: English

Pronounced: Ar-ee-a

Means "song" or "melody" in Italian. An aria is an elaborate vocal solo, the type usually performed in operas.

Her middle name will be "Lee" because that is a family name -- my mom's middle name, my aunt's middle name, and my great-grandfather's name on my mother's side. So... unless we come across something we like better, this will more than likely be this little girl's name.

Aria Lee. We can call her Ari for short. Yeah, it's different. But what about Aislynn and Afton? Gosh, when I named those two...I got some looks. But you know, the names really fit them as they begin to grow and develope personalities, don't they? Funny how that happens.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

CRAZY schedule !!!

Okay -- life is crazy busy around here.

Rich's schedule this week (24 hour shifts): he has worked Monday, Tuesday, Wedensday, Thursday (today) and will be home tomorrow, which happens to be his birthday.... then he goes back to work Saturday and Sunday. Then it all starts all over again next week with regular schedule work days and overtimes. So the ONLY day this week we get to see him is Friday!!! Poor guy...working so much. And poor me, for having to do it all alone here with eight kids and a growing belly. Ah well... I'm sorta used to it. Such is the life of the wife of a fire fighter. I'm not really complaining, but it's been just such a busy week with kid's activities: baseball, tennis, soccer, preschool, church, school, etc. BUSY. Not to mention meals (the kids are ALWAYS eating!) and laundry, laundry, laundry.

In this house, we should do at least 3 loads of laundry each day if we want to keep up. Well, we don't do laundry everyday, because sometimes there's simply no time for it backs up. When it backs up, there is literally clothes and towels and sheets all over the garage floor (we keep our three laundry baskets in the garage since the laundry room is right off the garage) It's crazy. Aislynn is very hard lately because she changes her clothes about 7 times everyday. She will go up to her room and come down in a new outfit. The one she had on ends up on the floor, which then will end up in the dirty clothes hamper. Even if it was only worn 2 minutes. Yes, that drives me crazy. Yes, I want to do something about it. But Aislynn is one of eight around here. I can't watch her every move every second of the day. And to tell you the truth, there are days that I don't even go in her room at all (she sleeps with us in our room 99% of the time) and so, the clothes pile up in her room until they eventually get brought down to the laundry. Mostly clean clothes, that then end up smelling because they are in the laundry baskets.

Things that are broke around here:
The toilet in the kids' bathroom.
The garage door.
The dishwasher.
The refridgerator.

We need to replace all of them. (lucky Rich has so many overtimes!!)

Aislynn hasn't been taking naps for the past 6 months, so I have gotton used to that...but now Andrew is starting to want to skip his naps as well. way. The kid needs a nap and I need the break. He's a very active 21 month old...and although he's so much fun right now, he's a lot of work! He runs from here to there, gets into things, grabs pencils and pens and runs with them, takes out the pots and pans, pulls up the flowers in the backyard, runs, runs, runs...and climbs up on everything. So, when he finally goes down for a rest -- it's SO nice! These past two days he has taken really short naps and I'm starting to get worried. I need the long, 3 hour naps that he usually takes! That little boy...he's so darn cute. But still. Sleep is a good thing.

Well that's all the update for now. I promise I'll get some recent photos up soon!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ultrasound Results.....

Today I had my ultrasound!! Avery and Aislynn went with me. They were so excited to "find out" what we were having. They were hoping for a baby sister. Anyway, the baby was very active during the ultrasound. The measurements pushed my due date up by 4 days, so now the baby is due on July 24th. That was Afton's due date! The heart looked strong and healthy, the brain looked perfectly formed, the baby has all ten fingers and toes. Everything looked GREAT. So then I asked to see what the baby the tech scanned that area for a few minutes so I could check "it" out. I was expecting a BOY. I've just felt it was a boy from the very beginning. The chinese calendar confirmed my thoughts, and the silly old string test... and so, I was expecting to see boy parts...but there were none to be seen! Just flat, girl parts!! So....we are having another GIRL !!!!! Avery and Aislynn were so excited. Avery said, "Mom...we can still name the baby Aiden. Just it will be a girl's name Aiden." I thought that was cute of her to say. I told her, "No...we won't be having a girl Aiden. We'll just have to find a girl name that fits her."

So anyway....I'm very excited. I must admit I walked out of there in a bit of a cloud. For months I had been calling the baby "he" and all of a sudden I had to switch my frame of mind! So funny. And here just yesterday I went on a major shopping spree for new maternity clothes. I hit all my favorite stores...Pea In a Pod, Baby Style, MiMi Maternity -- and while I was in Baby Style I saw the cutest baby girl outfit that matched one of the post-baby maternity outfits...and I thought, Wow...that's so cute!! Too bad I can't buy it -- since this baby is a boy. But now I'm thinking I'm going back there tomorrow to get it!! Woo-Hoo, a baby girl !!

So another little girl for the Roldan household. That makes FIVE girls and FOUR boys. Rich said, "No worries. We can always even it up the next time."

The NEXT time??!! Oh my goodness.....


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Andrew at 20 months

We took some photos of Andrew for Audriana's class project. He was a good model and cooperated. Here are some of my favorite ones....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm BACK :)

Yes, I know....where have I been, right? No posts in weeks. I'm sorry but life has just been so darn busy. I know it's always busy, but lately....well. I just can't keep up!

Here's a quick update:

Audriana turned 15 years old on January 31. I just can't believe she's 15 already. Lately she has been going to the movies, the mall, and walking down to Starbucks with her friends. She also made it on the Honor Choir and has been busy with that.

I finally had my first midwife appointment this past Monday. I am 19 weeks along now, and that was my first appointment! See...I'm just so busy I don't even make the time to get an appointment with my midwife until I am practially halfway through the pregnancy! Anyway, everything checked out good, and we heard the baby's strong heartbeat. It was such an awesome sound!! The baby has been very active lately and kicking and punching around so much. I can even feel thumps when I'm walking. Sometimes I will feel a strong thump very down low and then in the very next second a strong thump up high..and I'm thinking, either there's TWO babies in there or I have one very LONG baby!! My midwife says I'm measuring normal so she doubts it's twins. She says I'd be much bigger if there were twins. Well, that's a good thing. I don't know how I'd feel about delivering twins at home...and I do NOT want to go into a hospital to deliver! I'm thinking this baby is a boy. Both the Chinese calendar and the silly old string test say it's a boy (which, by the way...those have predicted ALL my children's genders...strange, huh? I don't really believe in that, but it's fun to do just for guessing purposes) Anyway...a boy will probably be named Aiden. Not too sure of the spelling yet. Aidan or Aiden? Hmmmm. I don't know yet which one feels right. The kids like the name Austin, but Rich isn't too keen on that name. He likes Aiden, though. Okay, see? I naturally spell it with an EN at the end. Perhaps this is the way I will go with it. Anyway, for a girl we don't have a name picked out. That will be a bit more work, naming a girl.

A.J. had his very first T-Ball game today. He's really good! He has a very strong hit. Whenever he goes up to bat, the coach tells everyone to "get back". A.J. will be FIVE years old on March 9th.

I've been keeping busy with my Arbonne business, which is going very well. Last month I made my manager's bonus -- woo-hoo! That helps! $$$$$ And I signed up 5 new consultants in ONE night. That was pretty cool. I've been doing presentations and parties -- and helping my downline with theirs. It's a lot of work, but it always is when you are building a business with a strong foundation. So far I've earned 1,225 points towards the Arbonne Cancun trip, which is a 5 day all-inclusive stay at a 5 star resort. I just need 1800 points to earn my trip free, and then 2500 points to earn half of Rich's trip, and 3500 to earn ALL of Rich's trip. Of course 3500 points is my goal, that way both Rich and I go for FREE, and then all we need to do is pay a small portion for those kids who are ages 4 through 17. So, wish me luck with earning those points! Rich has NO idea I'm doing he will certainly be surprised when I tell him we are all going to Cancun in October! (and he doens't read my blog, so it's safe to post here!)

No photos in this post -- I still have to get that going. I have a new camera that I'm still getting used to!!