Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Photo 2008

Okay so here is our 2008 Christmas photo. It was so hard finding the time to do this, with everyone's different schedules. We would have to wait until Rich was off work, and then Tony wouldn't be here, so then when Tony was here, Rich got two overtimes back to back. Or one of the girls would have an activity to go to -- it was always something. So finally we were all together and we took this shot. For the Christmas card I cropped it so that you don't see all that background. The actual card picture looks better than this. It's getting really hard to fit us all in the shot, now that the kids are getting bigger...and we keep adding on to the family! Not that Aria takes up much space, but still....

It's been extremely busy this past week, as you can tell because my blog hasn't been updated in so long. We finally got a Christmas tree last night at 9:30pm...and it was me who got one. A first. Usually it's Rich who gets our tree, or he and I will go. But for the first time in 16 year it was me who drove to Home Depot, picked out a tree, threw it in the back of the truck, drove it home and lugged it into the house (a 9 foot tree) and set it up in the stand in our living room. The kids helped. Rich has just been working so much lately and I didn't want to put it off any longer. We will trim the tree on Sunday evening, when he is home. In the meantime, at least we have a nice tree and the smell is in the air...and it feels more like Christmas now.