Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We got a roller!

Well, it's official now -- Aria is rolling over. Again and again. She was first spotted by one of the kids rolling over about 10 days ago...but since I didn't see it, I couldn't be sure. (someone could have flipped her over or helped her in some way) But now, I've seen it with my own eyes. She's so funny. As soon as I put her down on either her back or her belly, she flips the other way. Just because she can. I just marvel at infants and their world, they way they see things as so new and exciting. You can just see it in Aria's eyes, the wonderment of flipping over and realizing that she is actually making something happen. She just turned 12 weeks old on Saturday. She'll be 3 months old on the 26th! Where does the time go? I know she's still so little, but it seriously seems like just yesterday she was born. Yet, I feel like I've known her forever. Funny how that is.


  1. i can't believe she is already rolling! crazy. now you have to be extra careful where you lay her :)

  2. Gosh that was quick to be rolling already!