Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Way Too Much Time in the Shower

The other night I sent A.J. (5 years old) into my bathroom to take a shower. Normally he takes a shower in the downstairs shower, but Alex was in there. So he got to take one in our master shower. Anyway...I was busy getting everyone ready for bed and time got away from me when I realized A.J. was still in the shower. It had been almost 20 minutes --- way too long. So I shouted to him, "Okay A.J.... turn off the water and get out now!!!" and I heard him yell back, "Okay, mom!!" and then the water shut off. So then he comes running out in a towel, everyone is getting in their pj's and it's story time and everyone is in bed -- finally. Then I go downstairs and pick up after the day, I watch some news, go on the computer a bit, and then it's time for me to go to sleep. The house is quiet and full of sleeping children. I go into my bathroom and something catches my eye -- what is that monument in the shower?? This is what I see:

Apparently after all body parts were clean, A.J. found a way to occupy his time in the shower. Check out how everything is balanced -- how he did that I'll never know. ((At first it freaked me out a bit, because did you ever see the movie Poltergeist? and the scene where she turns around and all the kitchen chairs are balancing on top of one another?)) I mean...just look at how he has the squeegie stick balancing on end -- on a sponge!!! And then the razors are all perfectly balanced. And there is some sort of yellow toy balancing on top of a green loofa puff. I can't understand how he did it.

So...I took a picture. Yep...WAY too much time in the shower for that little guy!!

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  1. we just watched poltergiest on sunday. i love that movie.

    how funny that he came up with that!