Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ahhh...two year olds. Ya Gotta Love 'em.

We have Capri Sun drinks for the girl's lunches. The kids know that they are off limits. Here in the house if we are thirsty, we have apple juice or water -- but we don't touch the Capri Suns because they are needed for school lunches.

Well...try telling that to a two year old.

He thinks Capri Suns are just about the BEST thing since sliced bread. I have a lock on the pantry, but he has learned how to push a chair over to the pantry door, unlock it, and he finds the Capri Suns. Once he finds them, he grabs one out, takes it to his "hiding place" and this is what I see:

He goes under the kitchen table and thinks that no one can see him. When I bend down to take a look at him, he yells, "I'm hiding! Go 'way!" He KNOWS he's not supposed to take the Capri Suns. What gets me is that he can push that darn straw through the small little opening!! Even I have trouble with that dumb straw-thing...and here he has mastered it.

He's soooooo funny. Andrew, being just two years old, is still too cute to get mad at right now... but I see trouble coming!

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  1. his hair is soo long! how funny that he sneaks them. we had to quit buying that kind of stuff because morgan will go through a whole box in one day. we bought gogurt for the kids the other day and after one day they were gone.