Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day on the Dirtbikes

Our friends The Eisenhuts have horse property and a large lot where we can ride our dirtbikes. The kids love going there. Andrew is really, really into dirtbikes lately. He about loses his mind when he knows we are going out there to ride. Here he is below on our little scooter, getting a ride with daddy! (and yes, you see correctly...he is without pants. Don't ask.)

Here's Tony with Brennen Eisenhut. They have been best buddies since Tony was 6 years old.

And here is Holly Eisenhut holding Aria.

My horse Shay lives on their property. He is a four year old Arabian Bay gelding. I got him when he was just 12 months old. He's such a neat horse. Very loving and gentle.

Here is Tony making a jump with his dirtbike...

...and here is Andrew, watching him....WISHING he could ride like that!

Rich's brother Phil came with us, and he's a pretty good rider. He really gets some air when he jumps.

Rich took Aislynn for a ride on the scooter.

Five year old A.J. rides like a champ already!

Here's Avery with her best friend Michaela Eisenhut.

I love this picture of my two oldest daughters :)


  1. great pics, looks like you guys had fun!

  2. OK so talk me through this. Shane wants to get a dirt bike or an ATV for Logan. I am scared witless about this and of course, my research says not to even think about it till a kid is 16 years old. So, talk me off the ledge....

    I won on the rear-facing car seat....I don't think I am going to win on this one.