Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Few Days of the Month....

Where did the month of June go? I can't believe there's only a few days left! I can't help but to be GLAD and excited about that...because that means that the baby will soon be here. ( if you all will remember my due date is July 28th, so I'm anxious to get into the month of July) It's not like I'm not enjoying my pregnancy -- I totally am -- but I just don't get much done around here because I am HUGE and slowing down. That is the part I'm not liking much. I have so much I want to do, you know how that can be. But then I walk from downstairs to upstairs and I need to sit down. What is UP with that? Is it my age? Is it my weight? I don't remember being like this before, to this extreme at least. So yea...July 28th is a welcome date for me. Although I am loving feeling the baby move around in my belly. She sure is an active one!

So today we are having Avery's birthday party. Yep, that would be Avery, who has a birthday of April 14th. The thing is...when her birthday came around this year, it was such a busy time. I just couldn't plan a date to do her party. So, on her birthday I took her and Aislynn to Build A Bear and then we had cake and ice cream and presents with the family later that evening. A few days later, she said, "When is my birthday party?" and I was like....uh oh. Turns out she, of course, wanted a party with her friends. So, I promised her that we would have her friends over for a party soon. "Soon" turned into months. And here we are at the end of June. Hey, better late than never, right? So today I am picking up four of her little friends and we are all going for ice cream at our local "Swirls" which is a place where you can serve up your own ice cream, put on your own toppings, and then it gets weighed at the end to see how much $$$ you owe. The kids love this place. Then we will come back to the house to open presents and hit the pinata -- Avery has requested a pinata. Wouldn't you know that Rich was supposed to come home today to help with the party and keep the other kids occupied so that I can concentrate on Avery and her guests -- but of course he got an overtime today. Which is okay because we need the money -- but still. Here I am -- feeling ready to have this baby at anytime -- and I'm going solo with this birthday party. Ah well whatever....I've done harder things.

So then Andrew will be two on the 30th of this month. Thank goodness he's still so young he has no clue. So I can get away with just a family birthday celebration! Yay! I remember back in the day when I had just two kids or three kids or four kids...we would go ALL OUT for every single birthday. The first birthday was huge, of course, just had to celebrate that all-so-important first year with all our friends and family. Then followed by the second, and of course the third birthday was big because they were at the age where they were interacting with their little friends, and so of course there was a party with a bunch of 3 year olds and their parents. I used to make the cakes myself and go all out with the decorating. And it would take me about 6 hours to prepare for the party. HA! Now...well, all that has changed...and I'm doing simple birthday parties months after the kids' actual birthday. Okay...call me lame but I just can't keep up.

Rich got another house painting job -- this one is for a larger house and he bidded it pretty high. We didn't think he'd get the job, but he DID! That's so great! This is so cool for us, because dang it, GAS is killing us over here!! You would not believe how much we spend in gas for our cars. And it's been so HOT here we have been running the A/C all day and night. So yea, this money will definitely come in handy. It's hard work, though...because Rich doesn't hire anyone to help him. Of course not.

Avery slept at a friends house last night, and so did Afton... and Audriana left for New York last night. All I had home here were all four of my boys and Aislynn. It was a semi-quiet house! Audriana called me this morning at 5am from New York to tell me that her plane arrived safely. I didn't sleep well at all last night thinking about her on a plane flying to the other side of the United States. She gets home on Friday. She is with her Girl Scout troop. I know she will have a blast on this trip -- BUT it's not easy for me to have her so far away!

There are a lot of brush fires going on in Northern CA. I hope Rich doesn't get sent on one! I hate when it's hot like this...it's a dangerous time of year for fire fighters.

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  1. LOL, well the Duggars just have one big birthday party for all their kids - maybe you can start doing that!

    I remember all too well those last few weeks of pregnancy and how hard it is to get anything done. Especially plan and host a birthday party while still watching all your other kids without your husband there to help! Here's hoping for an easy day with well behaved kids!