Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hard Work'n Man of Mine on his days off, this is what my husband is doing to "make ends meet" for our family. Yep, up on a ladder...way, way up...not fighting fires like usual, but painting houses. This is a house in Newport Beach, and while he was doing this one, a few home owners next to it came to ask Rich to give them a price on their houses. Looks like he'll be getting more work in this neighborhood.

How lucky am I to be married to a man who does not complain when gas prices go up, who does not sit around and whine when overtimes at the fire station shut down, but instead goes out and looks for other ways to make money. I might have worries in my life here and there, but I never worry about money. I mean, we will never go hungry or without a roof over our head because my husband can and will do anything to support his family and to keep us secure.

I love my husband!!!


  1. yay for extra money. well not extra, but needed right?

  2. That's awesome, way to go Rich!!

  3. He is a good man!
    Times are hard for many right now. I hate the gas prices!
    I know a few husbands that are too picky with jobs when they need it!
    (not mine)