Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Cookies

On Christmas Eve I decorated Christmas cookies with the kids. It's always our favorite thing to do during Christmastime. The kids get really creative! I always did this with my mom, my grandma and my sister when I was growing up, and so I've carried on the tradition with my own family :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our Family Christmas Gift.....

Well, it's been years in the planning, and I finally went out on Thursday and just DID IT -- I bought a baby grand piano!!

It's gorgeous! It's all black with a front wood facing. It's a 5'3" German "Perzina" which I learned is hand-made instead of mass produced. 90% of its parts are from Europe. And the front wood facing is Kawazinga Bobinga wood, which is from Africa. And it sounds sooooo nice! What a difference as compared to an upright piano. And what's really nice about this one is that you can close it up and actually lock it so that no one can play. This comes in handy when you have a bunch of little hands who want to pound on the keys all day! And know how other kids will come over to play, and they see a piano, and everyone gravitates towards it and then you have about 4 to 5 kids pounding on the piano at the same time and it just about drives you nuts? And you wish you could just put the piano away but you can't because it's a piano and too big to put away anywhere? And the kids' parents say and do nothing to stop them? Well..... I will simply LOCK the piano before they even get here so that no one can even start pounding on the keys -- that eliminates that problem! Yay!

Anyway, here are some pictures of it. We have in it our formal living room.

So far Afton is the only one taking lessons. Tony can play a few things, and Audriana as well. I can play because I took lessons when I was younger. I want Avery and Alex to start lessons next. We have a teacher who comess on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 to give Afton her 45 minute lesson. Maybe after the New Year I will just have her continue with Avery and Alex's lessons following Afton. We'll see. Avery definitely has an interest. I don't know about Alex yet. Right now Afton plays at my level...she is getting pretty good. She has been in lessons now for about 2 years. I took lessons for 6 years but my level has dropped because I'm so out of practice. I can't read notes well. That is my downfall. I regret ever quitting. Oh well.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

cute video.....

I think this is so cute :) Of course I started counting the kids....and then she's that's 11 kids! and right away I thought, man that's a lot of kids! But then I'm a few months I will only be 2 away from that number myself! Yikes!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dear Santa.....

Dear Santa,

Its has been a great year at the Roldan house!

Do you have me on your "nice" list? I think I've been pretty nice this year (but don't take my kids' word for it lately...because I'm known as Mean Mommy due to my grumpy state thanks to the first trimester of this pregnancy!)

Anyway list is pretty short this year. I'd like a digital camera of my own so that I can stopped borrowing Afton's. I don't want a fancy, expensive one (not this year, anyway) but instead I want a small, pocket one that takes GREAT pictures. I'm sure you know of a good brand -- I'll leave that up to you!

Other than that...I have everything I need right here in my cozy home. I have a wonderful husband and eight happy and healthy kids. I have my own health, for which I am very thankful. I am surrounded by loving family -- both my own and Rich's. I have many wonderful friends in my life. Yes, Santa, I have everything else that really matters. I am truly blessed. Life is good.

But I could still use that camera!
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Mean Mommy"

Yep, that's I'm the Mean Mommy. At least that's what I've been called twice today by two different little ones (who shall remain nameless, but those who know my kids well can pretty much guess who the two are!)

Anyway, because I'm feeling so yucky with this first trimester, I lay around a lot. That's right -- I'm no fun.

Get up and color? about we just read a book here on the couch, or bring the crayons here to the couch? Go to the park?'s kinda cold outside. Yes, I know we can all wear jackets, but mommy needs to rest. Why? Because I'm growing a baby and I just don't feel too good. Yes, I know today is Tuesday and it's our Science Center day, but mommy really can't walk around the Science Center for 2 hours today like I usually do. We are going to have to skip it today. What? I'm a Mean Mommy? No...I'm just a tired mommy right now. I don't think I'm mean. Now...go run off and play. Where's the baby? He was just here a minute ago. Go find him for me -- quick-- before he gets into something. And would someone please bring me a cracker? Oh quit complaining...this is what I went through to grow you, just be thankful for that! Yep, now I'm getting cranky, you bet. Why? Because no one is listening to me. Just because I'm not standing up but instead laying here helpless on the couch doesn't mean you shouldn't still mind me and do what I say. Hey...come back here with that remote! Quick- grab the baby. He ran off with the remote. And who'se getting me a cracker??!! Aren't there any left? Man, when is daddy coming home...I need help. Is it 3:00 yet? When the big kids get home from school they'll take you outside. Oh...gosh...what's that smell? Man, Andrew pooped again. Alex! Alex...come on over here and help me with Andrew. Have you changed a poop before? Come's not too hard. I just can't. The just gets to me today. You won't do it? Not even for me, your "special mommy"? Okay, never mind. Someone run upstairs and get me a diaper and the wipes, please.... thank you. Okay, Andrew....gosh, go stand over there for a few minutes until I can change you.'s the remote....go run with it. Go! (why does your sense of smell get so strong during the first trimester? what's the purpose? and I wonder if I can change a diaper while still laying on the couch? Nope, I'm going to have to sit up. Great. that I'm up I might as well go check my emails.....)

Anyway, so that's why today I'm a "mean mommy". Soon Rich will be home to take over for me. I think he's home for two days -- very cool. I can sleep more and relax more....and he'll cook the meals. I'm looking forward to these next two days!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Random Pics

I have been feeling so tired and icky lately -- I've fallen behind in keeping my blog up-to-date. I hate the first trimester of a pregnancy! It's no fun at all. You don't even have a cute belly to show for it. All my clothes are getting too tight on me, but yet I don't look at all pregnant. Just fat and out of shape! The only time I feel good is when I'm actually eating something, but then the moment I stop I begin to feel sick again. I'm sooooo tired all the time. Getting out of bed in the morning is really an effort. Yep, ya just gotta love the first trimester!

So are just a few random pics we took the other day.

Me and Andrew. Andrew, by the way, is 17 and a half months old now and still nurses on me every chance he gets. As soon as I pick him up he taps his finger to my chest and says this little sound over and over again, as if he's asking, "Can I have some, Mom?" He's so cute. The sound he makes is, "Mam, mam, mam.." all the while tapping his little finger on my chest in the most precious way. He's just too darn cute. But I'm telling you...I wish I could wean him. I mean, part of me doesn't want to let go of this special part of his babyhood. But then the tired, pregnant part of me wants my body all to myself for just a few more months until the next one arrives! You know what I mean??!!! But ahhh, Andrew has got my heart. He's the sweetest little boy. I simply can't get enough of him.
I mean, come on, people....look at that face!!! Could you push this little guy away and said, "NO -- No more "mam"." ???? I can't!! (see Afton smiling in the background?)

Yea, I know, I know...he could use a haircut. But I'm just not ready yet to let go of his baby curls. Once you cut them, they never come back. So just a few more months...perhaps until his second birthday. And then I turn him into a "big boy" with a big boy haircut. Check him out here with is "bedhead" in the morning!!

Kids in the Box

Andrew gets in on the fun.... Andrew peeks out one of the windows.....
sitting in the box, minding his own business....
Aislynn got an electric riding toy for her birthday...and Avery's eye's lit up when she saw the box! She said, "Can I keep the box, Mommy!" and of course I said sure. I remember the fun I had as a kid whenever I was given a large cardboard box -- cutting out windows and doors, making it my fort.
So Avery went to work -- cutting windows and doors and all that. She even colored inside to make it pretty. Of course Andrew had to join in the fun, and Avery graciously let him share her box.

Why I like cold, rainy days....

The kids -- A.J, Aislynn, Alex and Avery -- wait and watch as the fire begins....

A.J. manages to get the prime spot that all the kids are after....

I love when it finally gets cold enough to put a log in the fire place! Where we live, these days don't happen often. But the last two days has been pretty cold, and we had some rain. So that was a great excuse to get some logs and keep a fire burning at night. Here is A.J. warming his feet in front of the fire. A classic shot. I love it.