Friday, November 30, 2007

"WHY" ????

So has anything bad ever happened to you and you've asked WHY is this happening to me, or WHY did this happen to me? or to her? or to him?

I have a friend whose son died in a car accident when he was just 3 years old. I read her words about how much she misses him, and I can only imagine the pain of losing a child -- but yet she is enduring that reality everyday. And she's such a good person and he was such a sweet boy and I wonder "why" -- why do things like that happen?

But asking "why" can be such a trick on the mind. If you try to make sense of tragedies, you will go crazy. Only God knows "why" things happen, and sometimes accidents happen without a "why" -- at least that's what I think. I mean, my grandmother died recently, and there is no 'why" about that. She died because it was her time, she had lived a full life. Her body was tired. There is not a "why" to it except to say she was old and it's the natural progression of life. But when someone young dies....then you ask "why" and sometimes there might seem like there is no reason for it, no answer to your "why"....and then I think that sometimes you MAKE something have a "why".

Like with my friend Christine. She lost her son in that accident -- but did she crawl under a hole and wallow in her grief? No. She and her husband did a lot of research to see WHY his booster seat didn't protect him, and she found a wealth of information and is now sharing it with the world and saving hundreds and thousands of mothers from having to go through her pain by better protecting their children in much safer car seats.

Anyway, I was reading her recent blogs today....and her words about missing Kyle so much just tore at my heart strings, a little more so than usual. And I found myself asking God "why did you take such a beautiful little boy... his mother misses him so much! It's not fair...." and then I found an email in my mailbox that I had not yet opened, and I opened it and listened to this link...and it seemed like just the thing I needed to hear. As simple as the message is.

Here is the link:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another A name needed....

Well it looks like we will be getting out the old Baby Book of Names again, looking for another A name....

I took a test today and saw the very familiar pink line that tells me another baby is in the works! I'm so excited. And so ready. Andrew is already 17 months old at the end of this month!! He'll be two by the time this one is born.

Taking the test was different this time. I had Audriana and Afton with me in the bathroom, and they dipped the test stick into the cup of urine that I gathered, and we put it down on the bathroom counter....and we all three stared at the test as it started to process. When the pink pregnancy line started to show up, I kept peeking over at them waiting to see their reactions. But they just kepts staring down at the test. After about 30 seconds with a bright pink positive line showing, I finally said, " you girls SEE anything yet?" and they both smile and Audriana said, "You're PREGNANT!" and I said, "I know! I've known for a full minute now. What were you guys waiting for?" and they both laughed. It was funny.

So now all the kids are so excited and the little ones keep asking me if I have two or three babies in there. I don't know where they get this idea of multiples. It's not like our family has twins anywhere that they've seen. Must be tv shows or something.

So that's my news of the day!! BIG NEWS!! I calculated my due date from a pregnancy calendar according to my last cycle date and that of a 31-day cycle (which I've had the last 3 months) and my estimated due date is July 28th. Since I'm usually anywhere from 4 to 8 days late, I'm hoping to have this baby on August 5th, which is my gram's birthday. She would have really gotton a kick out of a great-grandchild being born on HER birthday!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

He's Baaaaack !!!!!!

Well.....Milo came home! Actually, he didn't come home as much as he was cornered, trapped, and returned to his home. The little fugitive, I swear that dog is a major deliquent in this neighborhood. He is known as the little dog that always "gets out".

Anyway, tonight at around 7pm we got a phonecall from a girl who said she saw one of the signs that we put up and knows that for sure she has our dog. She brought him to us soon after the call. He was so happy to see us, and we were all excited to see him again. His ears were all up and perky, and then I said in my low, scolding voice, "You Bad Dog, running away like that" and his ears went back and his face got all droopy, because he knew I was mad at him (or at least my tone was...I was actually so relieved that we got him back)

So the girl who found him was about 18 or 19 years old. Her friend, Josh, is the one who kept him at his house for the four days. He said Milo had a good time playing with his dog, a black lab. Josh said, "Milo sure is hard to keep inside. He got out a few times and I had to go chase him down and bring him back."

See? It's not only us -- the dog is awful that way.

So on Tuesday I'm making an appointment to get Milo "fixed" because I think once that's done he will be less likely to want to get out. Then we are getting one of those training shock collars and will train him NOT to even cross over the threshhold of the front door unless he is on a leash. Enough is enough. He needs to be trained not to leave the house just because he sees an open door.

Well....I'm SO happy we have him back!! It just made my night!! Now I'm going to go to sleep content tonight. Except I'll be thinking about all those poor dogs in the pound :( Expecially this one little tan female chihuahua mix. She was so cute and so small, and so scared. Oh heck, those dogs always look scared, don't they? But really, she kept coming after me when I'd walk away. It just broke my heart. Perhaps Milo needs a little friend? Hmmm...I'll have to mention it to Rich to see what he says.....

Lost Dog

Milo ran away :( He snuck out of the house on Thursday and just ran and ran. We went after him, but everytime we got near to him he would turn and run farther. After a while, we had to turn around and get back home (the kids were alone in the house) Later, Rich saw him a few blocks away and called to him. Milo saw him, ran to his car all excited -- and then turned and ran off again. He has always been so fast and quick, and if he didn't want to be caught, there's no catching him. It could go on for hours, trying to catch him. And there are times when we have kids at home, or an appointment that we can't be late to. Milo has done this before, and usually a neighbor will catch him, or someone will find him and keep him for us. But now it's been three days. I think someone caught him and is keeping him. He's a very cute and friendly dog. We have posted about 50 signs around our town, at the local Starbucks, at the supermarkets. I went to the dog pounds and left signs there. So far no luck. Too bad. He was really a cute and fun dog. Still a puppy at only 9 months old. Very good in the house, not hyper, friendly with the kids. His only quirk was how he would run whenever he got out. He was always on alert to when a door would open -- then he'd RUN quickly past you and escape. So annoying! With a house full of eight kids who go in and out all the time, it was a challenge keeping him from escaping. When I went to the shelter today to look for him, it was heartbreaking to see all those dogs in there. I wanted to take them all home!! They all looked so lonely and scared.

Friday, November 2, 2007

New Car Seats!!!

We needed more 5-point harness car seats to fit in the Excursion. The Britax Regents, which I love, are too wide to fit three on the bench seat. So we bought 4 Sunshine Kids Radian80's, which aren't as wide. And they fit 3 on a bench! So today we fit each kid into their own seat and adjusted the straps for each one. Here is A.J. in his new seat!

Here is Aislynn in her pretty pink car seat! She was so excited to see a pink car seat.

And here is Avery in hers....

...and this last one is actually fitted for Alex. But of course he was in and out of it quickly because he wanted to go play. So no time for a photo of him. But of course Andrew -- who loves getting his picture taken -- was more than happy to sit in it and pose for the camera!

Halloween 2007

I only have a few pictures to post from Halloween because I used my film camera to take the pictures. These pictures here were taken with Afton's digital camera, which she took with her to a party she went to. Before she left, we took a few pictures of her and Avery in their costumes. Afton was a....I guess a "hip" witch?

And Avery I thought was a fairy, but half-way through the night she told me she was a butterfly.

ACTnow October 2007 in Anaheim

October 26 and 27th I went to Arbonne's training event ACTnow in Anaheim. As usual, it was very exciting and so much fun to get together with my friends and teammates. What an awesome company I am with! Here I am surrounded by my downline team: from the left we have EDM Katherine Eisenhut, DM Sidney Taylor, consultant Denise Cardenas, AM Katrina Roldan, consultant Dana Willis, and EDM Susan Billings.
And here I am with my good friend EDM ErinHusli, who sponsored me into Arbonne!
Here is DM Paula Webb watching me talk during an interview Arbonne did back in June. Yep, that's me on the screen:)

....and here is Erin during that same interview! Paula and DM Elham Terhani listen closely.

for those of you who are wondering...
DM = District Manager, the first level of management
AM = Area Manager, the second level of management
RVP = Regional Vice President, the 3rd level, and where you get your Mercedes!
NVP = National Vice President, the top level of management
(and any title with an "E" in front of it means that you have promoted others in your business equal to your level)

Just a little Arbonne Info for ya! ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

6 things about me

Me in my Arbonne hat and shirt -- which I wear ALL the time. I'm a walking billboard. I'm just waiting for someone to come up to me in the mall or someplace and say, " you sell Arbonne? Could I place an order with you? In fact, can you tell me all about this business because me and about 8 of my best friends are looking for another source of income...." But back to the "Six Things About Me" thing....

(Okay, Su...thanks for "tagging" me with this.)

Hmmmm...six things about me that some of you might not know....let me think:

1) I have more pictures of Kyle Miller and baby Micah up in my office than I have of my own kids :)

2) If there is ice cream in my freezer, no matter how many times I tell myself I will not eat it -- I always do. I have ZERO will power when it comes to ice cream.

3) Ever since I can remember I have always crossed my fingers during take-off when flying in a plane. And I can't stop now -- what would happen if I did??! Can't take that risk! The entire plane depends on me crossing my fingers during take-off.

4) A new coloring book and a brand new box of crayons still excites me. And I hate when others color on my page. And the crayons are no good once they are not sharp anymore, and the cheesey crayon sharpener on the back of the box never makes the crayon like it was when it was new.

5) I love good quotes and collect them in a special file on my computer.

6) My family room couch is 8 years old and has been thrown up on, peed on, drooled on, writen on, marked up with crayons, candy stuck to the sides, food crumbs under the cushions, traces of gum in the seams, and it's all stained and faded....and I simply don't care anymore. It just represents our crazy life with 8 kids...and if we get a new couch, the same thing will happen to what's the point? (now don't you want to come over and sit on my couch?)

7) I have an uncanny knack for remembering birthdays. If I've been told someone's birthday, I will always remember it. Not to say that I will send a card or anything...but I will remember it.

Okay so I added an extra with number seven....

so now whoever reads this and has a blog...I now tag YOU and you have to write 6 things about YOU in your blog!!