Friday, November 30, 2007

"WHY" ????

So has anything bad ever happened to you and you've asked WHY is this happening to me, or WHY did this happen to me? or to her? or to him?

I have a friend whose son died in a car accident when he was just 3 years old. I read her words about how much she misses him, and I can only imagine the pain of losing a child -- but yet she is enduring that reality everyday. And she's such a good person and he was such a sweet boy and I wonder "why" -- why do things like that happen?

But asking "why" can be such a trick on the mind. If you try to make sense of tragedies, you will go crazy. Only God knows "why" things happen, and sometimes accidents happen without a "why" -- at least that's what I think. I mean, my grandmother died recently, and there is no 'why" about that. She died because it was her time, she had lived a full life. Her body was tired. There is not a "why" to it except to say she was old and it's the natural progression of life. But when someone young dies....then you ask "why" and sometimes there might seem like there is no reason for it, no answer to your "why"....and then I think that sometimes you MAKE something have a "why".

Like with my friend Christine. She lost her son in that accident -- but did she crawl under a hole and wallow in her grief? No. She and her husband did a lot of research to see WHY his booster seat didn't protect him, and she found a wealth of information and is now sharing it with the world and saving hundreds and thousands of mothers from having to go through her pain by better protecting their children in much safer car seats.

Anyway, I was reading her recent blogs today....and her words about missing Kyle so much just tore at my heart strings, a little more so than usual. And I found myself asking God "why did you take such a beautiful little boy... his mother misses him so much! It's not fair...." and then I found an email in my mailbox that I had not yet opened, and I opened it and listened to this link...and it seemed like just the thing I needed to hear. As simple as the message is.

Here is the link:


  1. That video link was soooo beautiful to hear! THANK YOU for sharing that. Christine's words also pull at my heartstrings so much...especially when it's obvious just how much she misses Kyle and how much of a void his absence has left in her life. I hope she will find some comfort in "Logan's message."

  2. i too always ask why? the only thing that makes me feel better is to think of our kids on "loan" to us by god. he wants to see what we are going to do with them, how we are going to raise them, treat them, love them, and so on. i know for sure that the millers did a wonderful job those 3 years when kyle was on loan to them. and i'm so proud of them.

    and now i think god every night for giving me that day with my kids and ask him for one more day, everyday i ask for one more day. that's my new prayer.

    thanks for sharing the link.

  3. One more day - how lovely to put that Marie! I am not religious in the slightest - you guys may know that, and hopefully you don't think any less of me for that. I think it is wonderful that you can all find comfort there and guidance for how you live you lives.

    I hate to read Christine's pain too and I ask WHY all the time. I see what good has come from their loss and I understand a little of the 'why', but it still wish that it wasn't this way. I wish that sweet Kyle was still with his loving family (well, I know he is in spirit, but I wish it was body.)

    I ask myself - if there is a God, how could he do this to such wonderful people? How could he let this happen?

    I know I would crawl under a rock and be destroyed if I were to switch places - well, at least that is my thought now - you never know until you walk a mile in someone's shoes.

    Christine and Kevin - you are my heros!

  4. I am in literally in tears, thank you so much for caring so much about us and hurting along with us. It makes me feel so comforted to know I have such wonderful friends and so amazed how Kyle has brought such great people into my life. Your post and these comments have truly touched my heart. Thank you again. :)