Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Husband

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Husband....

10) He always fills my gas tank even if it's at o'dark-thirty before he leaves for work
9) He draws me a bath, complete with floating candles and a glass of merlot.
8) He sends me to Burke Williams Day Spa on a semi-regular basis :)
7) He can take eight kids anywhere, alone without my help, and make it look easy
6) He brings me breakfast in bed for no special reason
5) He proudly wears my name in a heart on his left shoulder
4) He looks tough, acts tough, but deep down he isn't so tough at all.
3) He supports everything that I want to do
2) He always wants another baby :)
1) He saved Audriana's (our oldest daughter's) life


  1. What's the story about #1?

  2. Ok seriously I am so jealous! Your hubby makes you breakfast in bed, runs you baths and sends you for spa days??! Wow! Can you have him give my hubby a call and give him some tips?!

  3. what a sweet list!! sounds like a keeper for sure! Spa days? lol love that!

  4. Wow, your #1 reason stopped me dead in my tracks. How awesome! Thanks for linking up and maybe next week you can even add on to this list :).