Saturday, June 30, 2007

It was a HOT day today.....

Rich and I took the kids to our neighborhood pool today. There are quite a few to choose from, but today we picked the one that has the water park area, the baby pool, and the big pool. That way, every child had something that they would find fun. Of course the big kids mostly swam in the big pool, and the little ones stayed most of the day in the baby pool. Every now and then we would all go into the water park area.

Here is Andrew playing for the first time in the water park. There are posts and beams with water shooting out from them, and water shoots out from the ground at different places. Andrew loved it -- and it was especially fun to watch him toddle around because he just learned to walk and he has that cute 1-year-old gait (where you walk right behind him with your arms extended because it looks like he's going to tip over any second)
...and this is what the bigger kids do at the water park -- they just "hang" around.
Afton spent a lot of time playing with Aislynn in the baby pool. We call it the "baby pool" because it is only 1 and a half ft deep.
...and here is Avery. She is swimming really well this summer. She only wears her life jacket if the pool is really crowded.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Seeing pics of all your kiddos really makes me want to have a big family! It's something I have always wanted but thought I could never do, but seeing how you guys do it gives me confidence!